Monday, October 4, 2010

Going back to Hong Kong tomorrow

I am going back to hong kong with my mom tomorrow, basically first because I am having difficulties in cooking for myself and I don't want to have a head start with my mom not here supporting me in vancouver, I really felt loney when I was alone last year for one month while my mom went back to hong kong. I really want to have friends I just enjoy doing staying living with someone that I found doing everything by myself is pretty not fun.

When I come back I will need to find a brokerage and starts walking my path as a realtor. I am still pretty feared 'cause I really don't know anything about being a realtor, what I studied in the book is totally two different things. I know it's possible to make some big money as a realtor but I went to saw some open house with my mom, to get familiar to how those realtors do, I found out they fuicking don't care anything, lie as much as they can as long as they can arouse you to buy the house they don't fuicking care, I said the property value in vancouver richmond has dropped a bit, the realtor from mainland said right away: no, it's rising. my mom ask the divide part of the garage into a small room, one realtor said it would be illegal, one mainland realtor said no it's legal that people usually apply and register the re-modification right away. and they are reflection part of what I have inside, and I need to find a way to work as a realtor that can make money but not telling much lies, as least as possible.

Really need to push myself to write something as long as I have time, I have planned to make a mandraine vlog but I was looking for information about how to unlock my mom's phone and the iphone that I might need to buy as a realtor. I was resisting to making vlogs that I need to write the script out first, I really need to push myself. for instance, when I am writing this blog I was listening to the TV episode of 超級遊戲獎門人.