Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How I am experiencing on Improving my reading and DIP

So writing again. I realize that(actually I have heard this from Bernard or Desteni quite some time ago) that this me is actually just a personalitized me(a program) that based on self-interest and due to what we have experienced differently with my own encounter events that I have become like this. Even my personality is not from me, it is downloaded from my(sine I am a male) great great x 10 before grand father. What is real the truth is we are all the same from the same source -- Oneness and Equal. That's the people that we/I am looking for, that's the (10)people that I am looking for to read my blog and work in DIP and consolidate our financial status in this world so we can change through DIP. These are the people that are going to survive in the up coming events that nature will inevitably wipe out/clean up the current doing nothing but mainly sex or masturbate and just consume consume and consume everything around them, totally lost in greed.

I have been studying as much as possible in DIP - 1. I have studied DIP - 2 a bit before so it could shorten my time a little bit. The vocabulary software has help me a lot in remembering things and reading. My reading speed has increased(right now I am training myself at grade 5, 310 words per minute at the beginning I am at 190? 230? Current level on 120-170 WPM) just by using it for 2 days. It's not just reading it's also about training you to comprehend the passages in the article. I am excited in how I will improve after using it for a month.

Still need to workout in pushing myself to be one and equal with the information to shorten the 'remembering' process. I am working on it.

Have been finding ways to effectively to study the DIP materials. At this stage since I have gone through tons of Desteni materials in the past three years, some of the materials like history of mankind are just reviewing. What I have learned through DIP -2 is having a solid and strong foundation will really assist you when you are building the materials/your levels up on more advanced like DIP-3. Because each week's materials and assignments are based on your understanding of previous materials.

And practice! Just like Bernard said: Buy the product! USE/PRACTICE the product! then assist others including selling the product!

So these are my experience on DIP.

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  1. cool - thanks for sharing your experiences with this point, Fred !