Friday, June 17, 2011

Vancouver Canucks Riot, 1994 +17 years = 2011 Outbreak!

Let's begin with this conclusion from Wikipedia -- 1994 Stanley Cup riot.

"17 years later, the Canucks played the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, and again lost game 7. This resulted in a riot, much like the one in 1994. Many stores were looted and many injured just like the 1994 Riot"

So what happened here after 17 years the same ending same riot out break? First this is an very good example showing we as human has never evolved. The source of problems have never been resolved. We have never resolved and if 17 years later we face another final hockey play(and anticipated we are likely to lose base on past history) almost certain will end up in riots again.

In my view, the crown instigated by some mop and spreading like fire because they are poor and want to use this riot opportunity to exert their frustrations and condemn the rich. This is another sign that has shown the current capitalistic system already have a serious flaw that everyone are not equally taken care of -- there are always slave and poverty class that you are on your own.

What will happen after 2012 are outbursts like these are more likely to happen, even for so called 'peaceful' Vancourists with well known nice and comfortable weather. I have been living in Vancouver for about 13-15 years now, if this can happen here in Vancouver I believe these riots will happen more compounded and worsen in places like US. Don't you agree Survival is the number one battle that we are struggling everyday, and we accumulate tons of pressure or emotions inside us?

The point is the cause of the riot is never understand/taken care of. Greediness, Ego, Poverty, Emotions and Desires -- How the ego(and demon possessions when you become possessed you become another person without you realizing your were being taken over). The lose of the game is just the wrapping paper that covering the real cause real problems that we are facing.

Most people at this moment just see it as an exciting singular event just like sports -- don't you agree that's what the media is feeding us? It is not for the best for all but to simulating, arousing sex desires and violent -- as long as it's exciting they will edit it into Hollywood movie style clips broadcast and program us. They think: I will never act like that I have self-control I am in control of myself. We are here to tell those that will listen: Losing self-control and being possessed by the new demons after 2012.

It might look bizarre but that is going to happen.

When anyone's become one and equal to angirness, he/she(mostly a male) would lose control and act out what is in his/her mind as their thoughts.

So wouldn't it be wise before it is too late(we are talking about serious self inflicting brutality and life of death here -- after 2012) before it is too late? I would really suggest everyone that are interested or willing to listen investigate what is Desteni-I-Process and what Desteni really stands for -- What is Equal Money System and what is Oneness Equality and Best for all.

After 2012 when the new demons and they are already start possessing humans NOW! Observe how people without any symptoms all of a sudden losing control and outrage and start killing -- they are already happening in South Africa, I will start looking in news in the Vancouver area and report along.

As Bernard said: (When this happens after 2012) You would want to kill yourself.

Thank you very much for reading my blog. I am working hard on improving my English through a Powerful vocabulary building software.

What is the difference between those that will listen and those that won't? To me: Those that don't not listen always have ego -- This is not going to happen to me, or

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