Tuesday, December 27, 2011

EMS FAQ: No more corporation Greed, Contract or Misdiagnosis!

No more corporate greed with EMS: To me this is quite simple and straight forward. Nowadays, few people really know/realize they are supporting a corporate to make personal-profits, for the few CEOs whenever in whatever way possible. In exploiting all human beings(called employees), nature, animals and everything possible to support a handful few at the tip of the corporation to live in their own little heaven. When the starting point of an EMS is to take care of everyone/everything “equally”, personal greediness will be no more. Every human being that “stay” and continue on earth will understand the self-responsibility to take in an EMS. You have rights to have all sorts of supports and even entertainments – all humans, animals, nature and earth are supporting you, and it is common sense and obviously you have the self-responsibility to contribute. Fair and simple, isn’t it? So there will be no more greediness, profit oriented, self-interested corporations. There will be only one corporation called “Best for All”, considering everything equally, acting in what is best for all – including how to produce durable and the very best products that will last over 100 years!

And how to minimize the abuse in existence(e.g. all humans, animals, plants, nature, earth – such as consumption of crude oil and electricity, etc.). Under an EMS, let me ask you a simple question: Will you “need” to be greedy when you, and everyone one earth equally, have access to all products and resources. If you can have the best ipod, best titanium made car with all the gps and whatever best technological gadgets into a Mercedes or Lexus like car, and it is, to a certain extent “free” access for everyone on earth. If anyone needs to use a car and it is best for all, they can access these cars for free, would you still “need” to be greedy every day? If you are guaranteed that you will have a place/house to stay for 70 years, as long as you are part of Life, living in this earth, would you “need” to be greedy?

If you can go to a restaurant every day/every night and you will just like every one, your meals will be taken care of equally or you will be taught by the most famous Chinese/French/Italy chefs from hotels, pass their skills to teach you how to take care of your meals upgraded to a master chef’s level creating your wonderful cuisines, would you “need” to be greedy?
All it takes is just you, as part of existence/part of Life, take your self-responsibility to work 4-6 years(depends on how many babies/children on earth)in the EMS system to produce basic necessities for everyone/everything equally – So that no matter what role/which part you take in the EMS, it is equally ok and you have no problem in exchanging positions with anyone in an EMS system. Working for the first time, actually becomes an “experience” to enjoy and fulfill self-responsibility.

So I am sure you can see that there is definitely no “need” to be greedy and 90-95% of human on earth “can have more”, a more abundant and sustainable style of living, live up to their full happiness and potential while fulfilling self-responsibility as part of Life. There will also be system, presumably computerized with minimum human management involved because at this moment, system is far more reliable than human itself. I am sure you would agree with me the number one disaster on earth is not how often a computer program or IC chips will fail and have disastrous affects in our daily live. Human corruption is way far more devastating and abusing 95% of all human on earth atrociously every day. Anyone that still have greediness inside them will be detected by the system and will go through a remediation process, because greediness is not best for all and anything that is not best for all will be prohibited, they will be isolated from the EMS system because they post a thread to everyone and when they have “cured” their greediness, they can return to the EMS and reacquire their access and equality status as everyone else.

When your future, your housing/food/clean water/transportation needs are guaranteed and secured, you have the right to access every products every made to make your Life a dignified Life while you are on earth – just like any other person on earth, you as anyone on earth will be treated equally. There is “no need” to be greedy. If you still “want to experience greediness”, you have a psychological problem and you need help. Your privileges as an EMS citizen will be stripped and go through research/monitor and rehabilitate. When you have cured your “sickness” of want to experience greedy, you earn your trust and EMS privileges again and you can rejoin everyone else as a citizen of EMS – “equally”.

No more contracts with equal money: I would like to start with: what is contract? Contract mainly exists in capitalism as an “agreement” between two/more parties, because no human on earth can be trusted amongst each other(even family members), in order to protect both parties will fulfill their obligations according to the terms on they agree, they signed a contract and if any parties default their “promise”, the other party can “sue” the default party for compensation(money).

So in short, contract is about a guarantee of “I can trust you” and money. Both parties that default or sue for compensation all stem from the starting point of acquiring more money as personal profit. Within an EMS, you can trust people participate in an EMS, just like currently we can trust amongst real Destonians. Everyone’s starting point within an EMS on earth will support each other “equally”. All EMS participants will totally understand they need to take self-responsibility including taking care of each other, and in return, the EMS will take care of everyone “equally”. So there is no really need to have “contracts”.

We in EMS are equally all responsible if anyone “screw up”, all human beings are oneness/one body/one corporation/one big family. Like a family, when your children pour the orange juice on the floor and start crying at you asking for help, you wouldn’t say: honey, you signed a “contract” and it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and I will sue you if you fail to carry out the terms in the contract, would you? I am quite sure you would ask your spouse to carefully pick up the shattered glasses, you’d likely to bring a mop to soak the juice on the floor before it further damage the floor, telling all children not to come close, and the older brothers and sisters help the young kid clean him/herself up in the bath room. Then everyone check to make sure everything is taken care of and “no one” inside the family might be harmed/hurt by the shattered glasses. Ask your child: honey what happened? Try to prevent similar situations from happening like, give him/her a plastic cup. Teach him/her rather drink two cups of half-filled orange juice than a too heavy one full glass of orange juice. I am quite sure you wouldn’t talk to your little angels: Now, you failed to comply with the terms. According to the contract we have signed, we will sue you for default and compensate us, would you? As you can see, best for all isn’t a difficult “concept” to comprehend. We do what is best for all automatically within “families”.

Normal middle to lower class families. If you are born in a multi-billion/elite/big corporate family then it’s totally another story – because of greediness, currently every human on earth will betray and back stab anyone including their own father or mother for self-profits as money.
So if contract is not “needed” in a family then same thing happens in an EMS – contract is not “needed” in an EMS, isn’t it? Within an EMS it is just another “one big family”. This family == all human beings on earth, we are truly all brothers and sisters no matter what color of skin or personality you have, we are from the same source, we are oneness and equal, we are actually one big family. Later on, once EMS has been installed, we can move to the next phase of including everything like animals, nature, earth etc.

I wouldn’t need a contract to stipulate me and stress me every day, every minute, every second to force me to fulfill what I agree to perform. I perform/do because I understand my self-responsibility in playing a role in the EMS to support myself and everyone else – providing the necessary necessities and services to make every baby/every children/everyone happy. Besides, in capitalism, there is no point of contracts. As long as greediness and survival exists, contracts are either used for “exploitation” – how I can exploit more fortune/money by using lawyers/judges/judicial system/contracts for my self-profit? I’m sure you have seen these in newspapers and TVs daily and it’s only a tip of the ice berg. They use lawyers and contracts to sue for compensations, use lawyers and contracts to refuse taking self-responsibilities.

Let me tell you a story. I enjoy seeing children/people laughing/enjoying breakfasts in the morning. I love the sun shine and the freshness smelling of grass. I love to take care of animals like chicken enjoy seeing them. I know at this moment everyone “unfortunately” still need to eat to nurture their bodies. So I decide, in this 6 months, I want to take my self-responsibility and experience being a chef that cook breakfasts for everyone in my neighborhood. On weekdays I wake up at 6 a.m., walk to the “free restaurant” for everyone in the neighborhood. I learn/start preparing the food, vegetables, chicken. At, 7 a.m. I work with others together we make chicken congees, or pizzas, or French toasts with jam, scramble eggs, maybe beacons too. Once ready, people start coming from all over help themselves. We take turn to eat also. Everyone come inside the restaurants truly gratitude for our work and understand that they will take turn/take our position too(of course, it’s only 4-6 years of conscription works). We have people dedicated to wash the dishes/clean up and I might “play/experience” as a dishwasher 6 months later. I don’t need to worry about: I need money! I need money! Else I’d starved to death on the street, or I wouldn’t have shelter, it would be as painful/totally agony to die like that! No, it won’t happen anymore in an EMS because we either enjoy together or if necessary, suffer together “equally”. In the afternoon, I take some rest/play with the children/pets/animals for awhile. Then I learn/assist the folks with preparing lunch or afternoon tea for everyone in the neighborhood.

I mean, you have just seen what it will be like “working/experiencing” in an EMS. There is no need for contract, isn’t it? If I am sick that morning, someone will take over my place because it is their self-responsibility too. If someone is sick and I will take over their place because we are one big family “equally”. Contract is about devious, cunning, profit, greedy, enslavement, forcing someone to work for you, suing, self-profit, capitalism, lying(because you signed it so there is no turning back). EMS is about oneness, equality, love your neighbor as yourself, give others what you would like to receive, self-responsibility, one big family. I mean, simple and obvious isn’t it?

No more misdiagnoses: Misdiagnoses is a complex topic.

Nowadays, the whole medical field is a “profit making business”. Corporations, Pharmacy, Doctors, Drug companies, research – all are aiming at making profit. Everyone in the medical field only care about how much profit/money they can make. I am quite sure if you went to a doctor couple of times and you’d quickly realize doctors don’t care whether how to cure your health at all, doctors only care about how they can suck money out from your pocket. As far as I know, there are lots of misdiagnoses happened because doctors are inexperienced or too stressed and make mistakes themselves. Some patients are misdiagnosed because they do not have the money to pay for the laboratory or doctor to do tests on them, so the sickness/symptoms were unaware and deteriorate fast.

When they are observable it is already too late for any treatments. Corporation and the whole medical business do not care about value of Life. In an EMS, every Drug department, doctor, pharmacy, hospital will not be self-ownership/profit oriented. It will be for best for all. The best medical diagnostic equipments and research will be provided for every hospital “equally”. All doctors and researchers will collaborate aiming at working for best for all. They will have access to the best equipments. Since profit/money is out of the picture, the value of Life how to protect Life at best for all will be everyone’s goal. The most advanced portable diagnosis machines will be available to everyone at their home.

For example, every morning everyone on earth can take their body check for free, monitored by computers and storing information in the central database. System will alert Doctors for any irregular fluctuation in readings and arrange for detailed checkups. Sickness can be detected and treated properly at way early stage. Doctors are not profit/money oriented and are less stressful. I mean, right now the scenario is: I am a doctor, I want my luxury living, I want to go to cruise, I want a Mercedez Benz, I want to buy lots and lots of properties so I don’t have to work at 40s. Retire playing my golf collecting my rents and flipping my properties through buy and sell – totally lost in greediness. In an EMS, doctors are people that really understand self-responsibility and take care of others as themselves’ medical needs equally. They will have the best and durable equipments to assist them in diagnosing patients. And I mean, when nobody “needs” to make profit or private ownership do not exist anymore, corruption will be no more, Doctors deliberately prescribing specific drug company’s products and collecting commissions/benefits/’sponsorships from drug company will be no more.

Every diagnosis/service/prescription/operation will be for the patient, available for everyone equally on earth. Aiming at serving/providing what is best for the patient and what is best for all. How much does it cost is totally absolutely out of the picture. Equally for everyone on earth. With the best equipments provided Free for everyone, everyone is much less stressful in working, almost daily Free computerized medical checkup and corruption and commission ceased to exist – the number of misdiagnosis will greatly decrease and doctors’ every prescription/operation/checkup/act will be solely aiming for preserving and flourishing value of Life and for best for all. Trees house are for real in an EMS, houses that sync with nature are part of nature, eco-friendly in EMS: Do you remember how comfortable to go on a field trip to the country side? The fresh air, blue sky, trees and grasses everywhere. Horses and cows munching grasses? I remember when I was a child I got so excited when our school go for a field trip each year. We and our human body needs nature including trees and grasses. We feel comfortable when nature, trees and grasses around. I mean, the only reason why metropolis are built is because there are a handful(5%) of people that are “super rich” like the elite, that work there.

They have money to spend on all sort of delicacies so let’s open shops there so they can buy from us conveniently. And because more and more people want to earn a fortune(greediness) from the super riches/elites, apparently the land value “increased” month by month. For everyone(the government, land owner, flippers, businessman), in order to make more profits/money, so more lands in the metropolis area can be sold. So they build skyscrapers, destroy nature and trees in the metropolis area. So as the government/elite/businessman realize creating metropolis and then selling apartments and commercial lands can make a large profit. They start destroying forests and building metropolis everywhere. I mean, I was just like the majority: I don’t why or how but I know I need a piece of land/property and flipping the land I can make a large profit on it. I didn’t know how it actually works in the background. We don’t need skyscrapers, skyscrapers are only for government and construction companies to make tons of profit through selling land/apartments. In EMS, greediness/profit/I need to survive all these are totally removed from your daily life. The only thing you need to consider is what is best for all – how should I act or position myself so it will be best for all? So we will sync with nature as part of nature. When profit, greediness, self-ownership, competition, copy rights, slavery through money and classifying, separation are no more. All humans, all corporations can really for the first time working hand in hand to engineer, design, build the best houses for every family on earth. Each and everyone/every children are guaranteed to have a place to stay until they leave earth/die. Nature are actually unconditionally supporting our breathing and Life while we are on earth.

Without nature/trees/grasses/Sun, we as human die right away. So it would benefit us by incorporating nature into our houses. When everyone don’t need to fight for survival, for competition, for greediness every second/every day – totally lost in killing and harming each other and everything around them, we can concentrate on resources to build extremely durable houses(last over 200 years) and considering all aspects of facilitating humans, animals, plants/trees, nature and even earth(providing fossil energy for us). Each and everything will put into consideration and the designs/products/decisions will be best for “all”. At this stage, it might not be cost-effective to build a big tree house on a tree. Tree houses could be used as a little play house for little children. Also at this stage, trees are a living being that will expand and develop in time, a house is concrete and difficult to adapt as the trees grow.

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