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EMS FAQ: Tree Houses, Organs trafficking, Stars and Pornography!

Trees house are for real in an EMS, houses that sync with nature are part of nature, eco-friendly in EMS:

Do you remember how comfortable to go on a field trip to the country side? The fresh air, blue sky, trees and grasses everywhere. Horses and cows munching grasses? I remember when I was a child I got so excited when our school go for a field trip each year. We and our human body needs nature including trees and grasses. We feel comfortable when nature, trees and grasses around.

I mean, the only reason why metropolis are built is because there are a handful(5%) of people that are “super rich” like the elite, that work there. They have money to spend on all sort of delicacies so let’s open shops there so they can buy from us conveniently. And because more and more people want to earn a fortune(greediness) from the super riches/elites, apparently the land value “increased” month by month. For everyone(the government, land owner, flippers, businessman), in order to make more profits/money, so more lands in the metropolis area can be sold. So they build skyscrapers, destroy nature and trees in the metropolis area.

So as the government/elite/businessman realize creating metropolis and then selling apartments and commercial lands can make a large profit. They start destroying forests and building metropolis everywhere. I mean, I was just like the majority: I don’t why or how but I know I need a piece of land/property and flipping the land I can make a large profit on it. I didn’t know how it actually works in the background. We don’t need skyscrapers, skyscrapers are only for government and construction companies to make tons of profit through selling land/apartments.

In EMS, greediness/profit/I need to survive all these are totally removed from your daily life. The only thing you need to consider is what is best for all – how should I act or position myself so it will be best for all?

So we will sync with nature as part of nature. When profit, greediness, self-ownership, competition, copy rights, slavery through money and classifying, separation are no more. All humans, all corporations can really for the first time working hand in hand to engineer, design, build the best houses for every family on earth. Each and everyone/every children are guaranteed to have a place to stay until they leave earth/die. Nature are actually unconditionally supporting our breathing and Life while we are on earth. Without nature/trees/grasses/Sun, we as human die right away. So it would benefit us by incorporating nature into our houses. When everyone don’t need to fight for survival, for competition, for greediness every second/every day – totally lost in killing and harming each other and everything around them, we can concentrate on resources to build extremely durable houses(last over 200 years) and considering all aspects of facilitating humans, animals, plants/trees, nature and even earth(providing fossil energy for us). Each and everything will put into consideration and the designs/products/decisions will be best for “all”.

At this stage, it might not be cost-effective to build a big tree house on a tree. Tree houses could be used as a little play house for little children. Also at this stage, trees are a living being that will expand and develop in time, a house is concrete and difficult to adapt as the trees grow.

No more organ-traffic:

Now what is organ-traffic? Why do people harvest human organs? Just like street drugs when selling organs are banned/illegal in most countries, can laws and justice system practically prohibit atrocities or do trafficker/gangsters who control the organs black market’s profits flourish because of illegality? Why do people “need” an organ? How long can they live with an organ transplant?

According to wiki( A liver or kidney cost $150,000 and the donor got pay $5,000. I am quite sure if someone ask you to give them one of your kidneys you would assertively say NO, wouldn’t you? No one wants to shorten one’s lifespan. People are reluctant are extremely poor that because of corporation greediness, self-ownership, lack of money, lack of jobs that they have no way to survive but “forced” to sell their organs and hope they can have some money to survive. However, most of them are poor uneducated peasants, didn’t know after they sold their organs(e.g. kidney/part of liver) their body will deteriorate fast and need to buy medicines or life support equipments(e.g. kidney/blood purifier) which will cost them “spend more money” than the amount they received. Northern part of China peasants are so poor that they need to sell their blood weekly to try to extend their survival with some tiny income. I mean, all these atrocities “are allowed” to happen on earth daily all because of personal and corporation greediness and we do not care about these people living at the blink of dying in every second. We disgusted and run away from people that clean the sewage or handle our garbage daily – we desperately force our children to learn and study in school, prepare them to compete and survive and even hoping they can become a champion in capitalism(millionaires or even billionaires). Yet, as Bernard pointed out: we don’t work collectively to change the system to a system that “nobody will be enslaved and everyone will have the best equipments to support them in performing their jobs”, so you don’t need to be afraid your children will need to compete with others, trying to outrun each other and “push” others fall into the slaves class and clean the sewer or dump the garbage for you and your children. You don’t need to worry all these in an EMS! No matter what jobs you take in EMS it is equally the same – there are always “equality“ and “best for all” in EMS. No need to fear, every job positions will be equally supported with the best/best for all equipments. In an EMS, it is OK to swap your job position(s) with another person on earth and everyone will be more than happy to swap job positions/experience differently/learn what it means to be part of Life/existence. What is self-responsibility and enjoying ourselves together in best for all? What “equality” actually means?

China is the biggest organ trafficking and transplant country on earth and India the second. Because of lucrative profits(as high as street drugs), when the gangsters cannot harvest enough human organs to sell, they use whatever means possible to harvest organs from healthy innocent people. And I mean, as you can clearly see we are all blinded by greediness and are totally lost in greediness as money and amok in all sorts of cold-blooded acts, as long as there are “profits”. For example, using young girls to seduce teenagers and drug them to harvest kidneys, or simply abduct teenage girls, forced them to prostitute while waiting for a match buyer. When they finally found a matched buyer, they first harvest one of her kidneys, then when they find another match buyer, they kill the girl and harvest all her organs(e.g. heart, kidney, liver, eyes) and dump her body. I am quite sure in choosing between waiting desperately, trying to immigrate to USA and praying this will not happen on you or your children, you would rather join us change our current greediness oriented capitalistic system and actually make our earth a place where nobody including you and your children will have to worry, live in fear, live in competition in every moment instead of true co-operating with everyone on earth for best for all. This might sounds like a horror movie however with a little search on the internet, you can find stories like these reported everywhere in third word countries. Would you sit here and do nothing because it apparent is not your pain/concerns/business and wait for one day wake up in a Life of one of these teenage girls, confined in agony and asking: why me!? Why me!? Why this has to be “me”!? or would you join us and say: countless atrocities like these are real and happening on earth everyday. Till here no further, we are all oneness and equal and I choose to live in “equality” forever.

People in western wealthy country are scared of death. When their organs deteriorate currently organs transplant apparently seems to be the only way to extend their Lives. They hope organ transplant can totally return their health/body functions back to their original condition. Most of these patients don’t realize that even if they can transplant with a healthy teenager’s organs, they need to take immunosuppressant each day and virtually turn off their own immune system so their red blood cells won’t function properly and fight/kill the implanted(different DNA) organ. Even with organ transplant, the organ transplanter half of them can only last for 5 to 10 years(source: The question is for best for all, I mean, we all know we are going to die someday, we are eating/killing animals/plants each meal each day. However, should we for what is best for all, want to stay on earth 5 to 10 years more and only a 50% successful rate support all sorts of organ trafficking. Where the value of Life and equality have totally been abused to the extreme in the name of profit/money/self-ownership instead of actually co-operating with each and every human being on earth to support each other, enjoy together. I am sure you would agree because Life “might be” short while we are staying on earth and we should emphasize on even supporting each other equally so each can enjoy equally, instead of a handful can live in their little heaven while 95% of people on earth suffer in all forms of atrocities.

Death does not really exist. Desteni’s interdimensional portal has time explained that time isn’t really real. Yet as you can see, rich people are so scared of death that when their organs are failing that they will sacrifice everything/everyone as long as “they” can last “longer” then apparently death is removed from their Life forever. Every act we do or don’t do, what we accept and allow have a direct consequence on us.

Within an EMS, nobody needs to worry whether they will have shelter/living place, food, clean water, transportation, basic hygiene and medical/hospital support. There will be no more slaves or any forms of enslavement just because “I have more money(piles of green paper) than you and you have to be my slave/work for me”. Everyone have access to every products or goods(ipods, laptops, cars as long as they are best for all) available on earth. Go to work in a factory is not something that you sick/tired of doing it every day. Working in a factory and produce goods for your neighbors as yourself is a practical act of love your neighbor and children: how do you love your neighbor and children as yourself? I work in a factory and produce goods for them. This is one form of practically showing how you love your neighbor of yourself. Imagine working becomes practically a form of “love your neighbor as yourself” instead of survival/forced to do every day.

I mean, if you as the governor tell everyone in your city: you just need to work 4-6 years then your food, water, shelter/housing, transportation, basic hygiene and medical/hospital all necessities supports are “guaranteed” provided by the government until the day you leave this earth/die. Besides! You as everyone equally, have access to all products/goods/services available on earth. You literally “don’t need money” to survive. I am quite sure you wouldn’t even consider joining a gang or make profit through trafficking human organs by harming others as yourself, would you? Living in an EMS, You don’t “need profit” to survive, you just need to act for what is best for all and take your self-responsibility and you can enjoy everything available as everyone on earth “equally”.
Things that are harmful/killing the human body will not be produced or will be taken care of once detected at an early stage before the sickness would deteriorated into the fatal stage of no return or a transplant is required. I mean, from statistic and science, we all know that alcohol kills liver and exorbitant mind sex and masturbation kills kidney. Yet we allow alcohol and pornography virtually unrestricted because they “feel good” or can make large amount of profit/money and we all subconsciously accept and allow these products to sell on the street and internet for everyone. I am quite sure you would agree it is pointless allowing the public to kill their own livers and kidneys then as the harms accumulated, when the sickness/symptoms emerge, then they don’t care where the organs comes from just desperately look for organs to transplant. Participate in creating a “market” for the elite/illuminati/gangs to make profit.

All these will not exist in an EMS. I am quite sure you would agree with me in capitalism: it is the riches/elite that their Life have supreme values and everyone else Lives are as cheap and expandable as a slave. We claimed that we have liberate slavery on earth however I mean, if you look at capitalism closely, we/our governments/the elite has shift slavery behind piles of green paper called money. Without money you die right away or you have to do whatever crimes/prostitution to earn your “money” as right to have food or shelter. In EMS everyone’s Life has the same value “equally”. No one’s Life is worth more than anyone else. We are all oneness as one body called human – as part of Life, part of existence.

At first this seems to be such a broad and vast topic that how I am going to answer it. So I decided to watch the documentary that and Andrea told us on chat 9 to 5 days in porn( It really helps me in understanding what the porn girls are facing and how their lives are like. I already watch another 6 part documentary, pornography – a secret history of civilization ( There are nudity and sex organs showing in these documentary but I would recommend for anyone who seriously want to know what pornography industry has been operating hidden underground/unknown from the public, yet almost every teenager every male on the planet has supported the porn industry by buying a porn products. As Bernard said: we support through what we spend our money on. After watching 9 to 5 days in porn, I really have the determination that I learn Breath Orgasm and stop using any pictures to “resolve” any masturbation desires. I would also suggest watch Sunette’s elaboration on consequences of mind sex/masturbation: Breath-Orgasm: A Woman's View ( You know, after 20-25 years of “experiencing” it, to me it has become a point of: I just need to get rid of my desires or come up with a proper way to handle the energy knots inside me, then I can quickly and effectively go back to my process and continue my day.

Stars are those people that with a pretty/handsome faces that you find them attractive, can’t take your eyes off them. Have a fire/yearning inside you that want to get close to them, worshiping them, want them to be your boy/girl friend. As Desteni has explained, at the end of the day it is just one thing: you want to have sex with them. Currently, the stars and the whole Hollywood business is: You are a super pretty or handsome boy or girl, can earn large amount of money because CEOs of the big filming corporations can make even bigger profits and everyone worships/dreams about you. You belong to the Beverly hill. You can get every luxuries you want and lost in your sex and drugs illusional living day and night. Hollywood stars are just a tool to keep people’s attention diverted out of the hell that they are living in day in and day out. It is like, as long as you can have your movie stars/movies, sex/masturbation, alcohol drugs then you are ok with the current capital system and no many are standing up and realize – we don’t have to live this way. We can live in a way better EMS that supports everyone equally in this life on earth. No matter you are a Elite, garbage collector, sewage worker, restaurant waiter, businessman, big corporation CEOs, stars all will be treated “equally” and all will work according to love your neighbor as yourself. You go to work not because you hate the job but forced to make living/money each day. You work because you understand the EMS needs someone to take care of things and you take your self-responsibility. You work as a physical practical act of supporting the EMS system and “love” your neighbor and children on earth the same as yourself so you work. We will have the best ipod, laptops and cars that will last over 100 years available for everyone. For example, if you need to work 2 years to produce a new car and a car currently can only last for around 8 years. That means you(or someone else on earth) needs to go to the car factories and need to spend 2 x 10 == 20 years wasted just to produce cars for one person so he/she can have cars. In EMS, I am sure you would agree if we can make space stations and space shuttles, we sure can produce a car that last over 100 years and you just need to build one car(2 years) and for the rest 18 years, you don’t need to spend cursing god day in and day out for why I need to live like hell every day!? Why there is no solution/way out for me and my children!? Capitalism -- 20 years of labor vs. EMS -- 2 years of labor! I mean, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Would you choose capitalism or EMS? And it is only one product as an example. Imagine every products/goods/appliances that you need to use in your whole Life, how would that change you and your family’s Life style in EMS? How you would spend your 80 – (4 to 6 years conscription labor) = 76 years of “retirement”? You would spend them with your children and family? You would spend them with travelling around the world, know the people around? You would spend them with loving children and your neighbor as yourself and work in a factory? You would spend on doing research in how to cooperating human and everything on earth with nature? I am sure you can see – there are countless opportunities for you to explore and adventures/stories for you to tell/share with others.

Stars are typical master class in the capitalism that are treated with special privileges. They take much more shares from what everyone should have “equally” just because with their hair on their head, they create an facial image that everyone got “aroused/excited” about. There is no equality in this. Everyone was enslaved in factories or going through extreme atrocities, like child labor or child solider for blood diamonds to death, just to produce goods and luxuries style living for all these Hollywood stars. Everything that do not support “equality” like Hollywood and Disneyland will not exist in EMS. In EMS, everyone is equal because you are Life and you are born with equality rights and pledged of necessity support because you are Life. Nobody owns anything when they were born and they don’t own anything during/after they die. There is no self-ownership in EMS. In EMS, Stars are just normal person that have the equal rights and share of access to everything as everyone else. Since greediness, money and day to day survival is totally out of the picture. People who likes to make entertainment/movies will be people that really wants/enjoy making movies and share with everyone else. It will not be because they have a “pretty/handsome” face and everyone wants to have sex with them, or create brutality senses for the ego/mind consciousness system to get high, or generating tragic stories/laughing madnessly/spreading love all these energies/feelings to create more families and babies or to screw people for the rest of their lives. All of these only support the ego/mind and not what is best for all. Movies business will be more sharing real life stories of how everyone is doing all over the world and what people find in how to perfect/improve everyone’s Lives while we are on earth.

In our current capitalistic system, stripes and pornography starlets are pretty much the same. As a matter of fact, prostitution, strippers, travel companions, pornography business these are all similar nature business. All involve in young teenager girls selling their body in some way through sexuality for money or fame. So how does the striping business work? Young teenage girls either wants to have money to buy all sorts of fascinating goods or pretty but not beautiful enough to get into Hollywood who think shooting pornography is a way can uplift them become a movie star. They think I just shoot it once or twice then I can be like Marlin Monroe. Big huge mistakes and totally destroy these girls’ whole Life.

When these girls are “fresh/young/attractive” 16/17 this is their golden years and every man will die for buying their pornography and they can earn large amount of money for awhile. However, the problem comes once they become well known amongst the secret pornography/masturbation man’s world. They can’t go out without wearing huge eye glasses. The girls themselves afraid of being recognized and totally humiliated about what they have done in front of the camera. Furthermore, pornography is just another huge money making business in our capitalism world. To continue make a profit, no matter how pretty you are – people/men gets tired of you once they saw your whole body and your secrecies are revealed. So the pornography producers/gangs will force/make you do more and more sick/abusive/degraded acts to satisfy and keep the fans buying these young teenage girls videos. Their pornography life spam is so shot that it only lasts 5 – 8 years, after then, they are just scraping through because they quit high school when they were 16/17. They have no skills or education/certificates/degrees. These teenage girls can’t do anything at all – besides of spreading their legs and sell their day by day drying up body like a suck dried grape. Hoping they can still earn an income through more and more degraded/abusive acts in front of the camera. Ultimately drawing stalkers into their life that rape and kill them(it is explained in the documentaries above). These are all accepted and allowed in our current capital system, happening every second in our world unknown and unseen by the majority.

Within an EMS, no one needs to make profits. All of these acts above are not best for all and will not be allowed. Hollywood and Pornography will not exist in EMS and everyone will only express sexuality through finding a right partner within agreements. Violators will be removed from EMS for rehabilitation and only once they have cleaned themselves then they are permitted to return to EMS and regain their rights in EMS.

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