Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 62 - Chinese Culture and Religion - a Journey to Life, Introduction

Why I would write a blog for Chinese cultures, Religions and Societal Practices? I feel that many Chinese or most of us currently are totally lost in the dream of living according to an American Life style, which is totally built based on money and enslaving other third world countries, including China. However, we don't care and as long as we can get our piece of pie in the upper elite class, as long as we can have our little heaven, we don't care. Just like the Jews that are very smart in doing business (which are based on deceits and lies), we don't care about anyone else in the world.

I want to find out why and change myself through self-forgiveness, while at the same time using this blog to create awareness about the current self-destructing human nature in consumerism. Hopefully someone who still has a conscious inside them will stand up for Life, join Desteni and myself and walk this process together.

I also want to change my past, self-forgive myself for being superstitious in worshiping religions (and want to get a reward after I die or continue to exist), I used to worship because of fear of death, want to find a way continue to exists after I die – Also many Chinese are lost in the religious domains convinced by all sort of rumors and stories that we don't totally understand or not totally true. 

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