Saturday, March 21, 2009

Using anger as an excuse to exert on my mom

Have just exerted my anger inside on my mom. it was about the GPS that's gone out of battery. when i found it out, i felt worry about the points that are stored inside. the energetic surge of angry(because she's not following the instructions and cause this) rise inside me. i wanted to tell her the proper way and not intentionally blaming her but i told her about the situation impatiently. and it's like you throwing a ball to a wall, she fights back impatiently. even after i ignored her, she keeps using it as an excuse to exert her anger on me. she never confess that she's wrong and inside her, in what i see, she always hold on her ego and is always right. i don't know when my life will change / maybe my Self-Forgiveness isn't effective. but i have changed inside, type SF, read it out loud(to an extent aiming at bursting the crystals inside, imagining of course, i can't see/feel the memory crystals). for eg., what is it relecting to me when she cling on to christianality and shocked/worried/scared Desteni as a cult/demon possed case. i am currently not like that, it is sometimes difficult to accept everything around you/us are caused by ourselves and they are just reflecting back to show us. i read articles said children are doing crazy things because they are here to show us we are crazy. then, am i relfecting/showing what other people within also? would i act differently according to different people around me in different time and place?

have talked to cameron about breathing technique. he gets a bit impatience when i try to reinstate what i have realized so far. we were both hanging on to our opinions and trying to convice the others. at least that is what i see. again, currently what i have realized is he is also showing me want to convice other that what i realized is correct.

i forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself as an expression of slow and stay in my breathe when angry rise in me.

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exert my anger which has nothing to do with the events that cause me angry but treating it is my right to exert my anger/inconvenience/worry on my mom because she deserves it - she is the cause of it.

i forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to use the expression of slowing down - fully and stay in my breathe to solve the problems, instead i behaviourly get annoyed and throw the annoyance feeling away from me to her.

i forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to enjoy convincing other people that i am correct/right and do not like to accept that i can be wrong.

i forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fight back from eye to an eye principle and i enjoyed the retaliate once offended.

i forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to cling on/protect my mind and not eager to change and act to fit oneness and equally.

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