Friday, September 4, 2009

Three days experienced in the Bottom Class as Tofu worker

Ok, it has been a while since i write this blog. few weeks has passed. so, worked in a tofu factory for three days. lots of..mirror feed backs, one major one is i enjoy exerting my anger and frustration to people around me whenever i have a chance, almost like using that as a drug and it is shown by Mr. lau's reflections on me, my ex-boss so to speak. and another thing is i really have a lot lot lot of realization of what i have accepted and allowed for take it for granted, even a little piece of tofu, bean curd or soy milk, oh and yes, they did put a lot of additives inside, working as an uneducated worker at the lowest suppressed almost close to the bottom of the pyramid base level. after experienced such hurting, extreme sharp edge pain on my back that i can't hardly move last night that i need to sleep early, the current money system pyramid hiearchy is plain, apparently a music chair game, but in behind truly it was a game of certain beings playing with 'reincarnations' into the 'good lifes' as elites. every piece of especially waist below muscles hardened like robots moving, stiff and sharp pains back of spine it is not just pain, it was sending a signal that it can't handle very well at all and stop doing suppressing 'me' again, yet i was 'required' to work the next day. it's not my ex-boss don't need me, for such harsh work he need someone and an extra turn of making another tofu already can 'earn' my little salary, it's me dress up my coat and he knew i was looking for other jobs that 'pissed' him, i am glad at this moment i still have shelter and food to sustain myself and support for the Desteni oneness and equality project. for those that are on what i have experienced daily or even worse, i am ..shamed of myself for pursuing all sorts of things like dim sum to make all sorts of people involved especially the lower pyramid base level workers, that as long as i have or my family have money, i want to go to a 'restaurant'..or the waitress/'s their job, they don't seem tired..once i worked behind the 'back door'. i can say, i don't 'like' to eat any bean produces, again. same as dim sum, i mean, the suffering and pain is so 'horrible' this three days, did assist me a lot in seeing how the lower extreme low class in the pyramid base is experiencing, how the actual pain and suffering they are in. literally, shortening their life time to exchange for money for their boss. and not to mention the physical as the beans are being boiled and crushed. this 'system' of madness in everyone wants to be the tip of pyramid can't go on like this, actually i knew, before, quite very well, but i just want more, more video games, more stimulaiton/greed on food, more traveling go here go there. ok, continue maybe next morning, it's tired 'today'.

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