Friday, July 10, 2009

Symbols and Manifesto

The manifesto of Life for politics and religious..currently i can't see more points, i have limited experience in my world. i'm currently supported and can support others. but, yes, the point i just realize is how to 'manifest' the point of living, value of Life, expressing my views. that is something that i haven't concerned until this moment i am writing here now. i mean, yea, who am i? when i am currently a system that 'react' on cause and effects, want and desires based on past experience/current experiencing. but, i am Life and this Life is the source of us/self as Oneness and Equality. i mean, one should watch/see Desteni's Ed's Vlogs. he explains our current 'living in ignorance of our nature of oneness and equality'. i mean, for myself, i am curious about what it is like to be rich, s** and mastur***** things and i 'didn't see/constantly in aware of the part of 'pay back after Death - in constant beingness of how those that you're treating them = as the truth they are as yourself, it's in Ed's videos'. like, when i go to those rich "friends'" home, it's interesting to see different outlook of furnitures(well don't feel them Just see them)..but, that's all and there are emptyness afterward. not to mention the blood and tears that need to produce them, materials that need to be sacrifice(right now, i consider twice before even using a tape: do i need them as me/myself to do the job), principle based living instead of experienced living..i didn't realize until now here, have a deeper realization. what Bern said: ultimately, experience wouldn't matter cause everyone's experience will be one and as far as i realize, it's the Principle living - Here that change our core essence that would brought forward even afterdeath..i mean like to me, s** and master***** is a big issue to me, yes, but i was not self-centered, self-aiming at and was not oneness and equality based. i mean, i could have moment (so split of second) escatic energetic experience and having huge effects on desires, r*ping, chi** molesting..then awhile later i go for that again, having huge effects on through this way of unawareingly programing myself |o|, i stop before eventually changing into a s** criminal. does experienced living do any good to my core essence? no. i master-bait for over ten years, what did i found: emptyness, pursuit of more and more exciting stuffs, more and more 'automatically' unexpected arousal/as energetic flow, extreme slim by systems reboot/rejuvenate sucking essences from my body..i am so glad i manifest the found of Desteni at this moment before things get worse. the pubic i perceived as don't talk, don't discuss, suppress - i mean, parents, do children literally Stop just because of what you Put onto them? no, you were them, not long ago, of course..i mean look at our history - nobody really seems to realize/truly understand what it is, the effects and Consequences - it's just a lump of Protein that got ejected.

Symbols, Marduk talked about it but at that moment i didn't get it. i mean, most of the Reptilians' interviews, |o|...again, to me, like another Matrix movie. the key is given don't know what it's for. Bern said: symbols are like exe files. this all of a sudden make sense..and i was like accessing my words, writings through mind consciousness system, energetically, though patterned based, but haven't considered - Accessing it Symbolically. i mean, when accessing symbolically, it would be like, no 'energetic' movements or transport involved..but the words, patterns, symbols that matter and express the expression of me. because, the 'symbols' include me. it becomes an exe files that include fragments of me/as self in expressing. sort of i live and express in my words. how do i like the words to express do i like to arrange and put words into sentences to symbolically express me. maybe on a harmonica/sound level too, but i haven't realize that yet.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to just look and concentrate on the seeable part of luxurious living styles: big house, mind consciousness systematic stimulated cars and MCS stimulating furnitures, fashions and lost and not realize how oneness and equality i/we are in nature and ignoring the blood, tears, sorrows, enslavements that are required to produce somewhere else in other part of the world i don't want to see/hear, laboring another one as myself and payback in after death.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to live in mind consciousness system pursuit of comfortability in experienced based living instead of principle based living, and apply Here in my breath that can bring forward after death.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to live in secrecy and holding secrets against my parents, that perceive i can't fight back because i accepted and allowed them and acknowledge they are in control of me and i can't 'fight' back..instead of directing the situation effectively - not in a fighting/opposing way.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to live in the emptyness of keep on pursuing an energetic based experience outflow from the s** system inside me based on 'pre-defined' mind valued photo images to arouse me, and never self-accepting self, self intimate with self, truly mastur**** but use it as a means to satisfied through as the systems and 'feel' the energetic shoot out inside me, not as an self-expression.

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