Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kelly has been assisting. Humanity are just cloning their personalities

8:57am I wanted to write a blog for days but I really don't have time to do write it. There are tons of things and everything has to be precise and detailed and follow up. Like just an open house already cost me many efforts in studying the background of the area sold records all sort of things like that - I originally wanted to scrap myself through last night to finish this blog but I feel too tired that I need some rest and sleep at 10pm that I haven't had any good rest in these two weeks.

I have arguments with Wu Wei and in what I see the problem is he won't change himself and keep insisting on his opinions is right and this has already proven on his replies to Chinese forum member's reply and of course to me he enjoys being straight and using authorities as a moderator(he won't admit it). It is not just me Yang Xi and maybe few members that I have talked to(but Yang is the most opposing his attitude and managements means) agrees too.

8:10pm so realtor is like this, especially when I need to setup everything arrange take care and prepare everything from scratch. Takes a lot of time to fathom and communicate.

Kelly has been giving me advice all along - I really enjoy her companion. She gives me a view from a third-person's view point. Not much of strategic point of view lol I would be more to the strategic points the planning stuffs. But sometimes I just miss some very simple points she's been quite simplistic that she see things sometimes I do admit she look things quite simple and direct. Like I was thinking why and how can I make my website searchable in google - within five minutes, she just search how to register in google then comes up with a link that can register my URL for google's bot to crawl that's quite direct and simple. I mean sometimes I am just too concentrated in planning and revising every paths that I am going to take, don't want to make mistakes and want to be successful want to be perfect yet, even if I had whole day to do/revise it - my body can't sustain the workload. I need to rest every few hours - there are so much things that you can do and I only have two hands. Look at this for a few hours look at that for a few hours then I have lost my whole day and Kelly sometimes do have good suggestions and can assist me. Like sometimes I would show destonians how my flyers look like to get a viewer's opinions.

I mean as Bernard said: We are swapping each other's shoes including the chicken that I eat, the vegetables that I eat, the restaurant waiters cooks that I enslaved through because I have 'money', the electricity through fossil coal, enslaving earth's blood as gasoline I mean the list goes on the keyboard that I am typing Until we stop this! and recreate 'something' a universe maybe that put Equality into the equation(like everyone take turns). I mean really, if you are willing to use your common sense look around us - there is No Equality No take turns in everything! in our world or in our Capitalistic Enslavement pyramid! Where is our equality in treating everything as ourselves. No! there is nothing! human just consume and consume and consume lost in energy pictorial sex and entertaining our mind gatchets until they die and they copy their personalities to their children and just repeat everything again and again.

If you use common sense you would see We definitely have to Stop it now! how? through Equal Money system that a little step for man ever the first time in history of man having big evolution on the obsoleting the enslavement pyramid and truly really take care of Each and Everyone on earth including humans animals nature and earth etc. Even if interdimension nature animal kingdoms don't stop us - mankind won't even self-sustain through capitalism for long maybe 10 to 20 years at most. It might sound bluffing but seriously! use your common sense look at how trillions of cars are produced each year, how trillions of garbages we throw at the dump field. Don't misunderstand - This is not the key point! not living green and the world would be fine. The key point is to terminate everyone's greediness through Equal Money system and everyone's basic needs are taken care of - Then we would have time to train teach and assist everyone in self-forgiveness which is as Bernard said - All you got to do is (just) self-forgiveness. Purify your core essence and through corrective application don't do it again and make a New-you that can be trusted as part of Life and program yourself your essence into something you would satisfied and proud of yourself that support Life and treat everyone everything in Equality. Definitely not something like what most humans are today.

Ok, 8:52 still haven't had dinner yet and there are so many tasks I want to do - always like: Can I do/handle things better? Am I in good hands?

I try to see whether I can make 2 vlogs after dinner. Talk again soon.

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