Thursday, February 10, 2011

Overwhelming these few weeks! I want to take a vacation trip!

It's 9:05am got up at 7 and have been sticking to my PC for 2 hours still haven't had breakfast yet. I mean all these weeks are like that and I have to do either bloging vloging reading and the rest of time are totally devoted into the realestate business. Arranging this, emailing that, checking who replying what - thinking what else can I do to motivate people around me to get the job done - All these cost lots of effort. I asked Kelly how could she handle all these(she's working, taking political courses, doing chores, doing Desteni her process stuffs) she said she just sleep for 5-6hrs I mean I am getting better now like 7hrs but I am extremely exhausted. Last night I was sitting in my mom's bed she's next to me I was lying upright and I felt asleep even when I was in upright position - You can imagine how tired I was both physically and psychologically.

I MC tested out the best method to handle my sleepiness is: Physical corrections on subconsciousness resistance. I still don't know much about what it means - is it about corrective application? Kelly suggests me writing them all out all about how I view see and believed that I need more than 8hours of sleep. I did write something that about a year ago because nobody wants to spend their time "wasted" just for sleeping and self-forgiveness on the points.

I so much want to go on a vacation - not those luxurious type but just like drive couple of hours to somewhere else, appreciate the scene a bit. I don't know whether it would assist me or not but currently there are overwhelmingly so much for me to learn for me arrange for me to taken care of and also my own process - of course it's bringing Equal Money on earth as the first priority because without Equal Money tons of millions of people children can't have Heaven on Earth! and we definitely Can live like that we don't have to compete and killing each others and mass massacre of each others massacre extremely abusing all the animals hurting everything! beyond pain just because of Greediness! I mean look at how greediness has caused us that we just take take take consume consume and consume! There is no supporting each other, there is no considering you he she it everything we are oneness and I am you and you are me. There is not even a slightly single bit of thinking - for whatever I do and don't do there are serious Consequences that I need to face here on earth and afterdeath! No, they don't do that. What they think of consequences are how I can run away or exploit the law and as long as I don't won't go to Jail I will do as mean as greediness as evil as I can! Isn't that we totally live in a psycho institution! It is time we stop this madness! I don't want to live like this anymore I don't want to come back on earth and go on like this - that's why I am contributing I am participating I am donating I am doing everything I can(yes, but frankly I am exhausted just by preparing myself walking my realtor path) I mean I can even see it Common Sensely(I want to know how Bernard handle situations like this both his process and both earn as much money as possible to support Desteni) I am willing to sacrifice my own process my own time to earn money donate for Desteni because! this Beyond Pain Atrocities of something called Earth that we currently live in has to be stopped! Somewhere! Some group of people have to sacrifice to secure our future through politics! One man One Vote! and running politics need tons of money - someone got to earn the money. Just like Desteni farm - someone that is Bernard has to earn the money being a multi-millionaire to support and pay and run for the Farm to give the visitors place to sleep to give them food! Else who's going to pay for that? Definitely not my christian mom - to me she's doomed she even threaten to cut my internet line.

From inside of me I can't resist to raise the question or a desire: If we are already suffering so painfully(I know it become chaotic when heaven's masters "government" all of a sudden collapse and it just collapse way too quick - everything everyone runs into grabing power being selfish don't give a damn about any consequences I mean god - we are all from the same source we are all the same and we ended up like this!?) wouldn't it better for the nature disasters the collapse of the systems(because there is a majority of people that are not listening to Desteni's messages I see it as because they are so comfortable living in their comfortable zone and they don't care - I don't know if it helps them to "awake" by giving them suffering but definitely they won't change or give a damn if they continuously living in their cozy bed with food clean water cars video games chasing for relationships!) then let it collapse faster! let the virus and germs to do their jobs and clean people out, even if it includes myself! because it's for the new world for Heaven on Earth! it's for the current children and for their children and for the children to come(it's just easier for you to understand I mean if I wrote for the stones to come you might not know what I am talking about) The big deadline the massive cleanings are just for everyone including those that "do not listener" 's own good! It is for everyone's Best and Common good - You don't participate in you don't support Desteni you don't participate acknowledge - We are all part of Life We are all equal to each other We are supporting Each other everything! All Humanity Animals Nature Earth then you Don't Deserve Continue Living on Earth! You should be killed by the Germs and Virus. I mean look at most people the majority - Oh it's interesting(their mind say) Arsenic bacteria! Could we improve our human genes and snatch that into for our own use? Can we snatch that for profit? I mean we are not even at the Elites are at the background controlling every technologies to make for their own profit. Just look at how many new stuffs have been invented - Have we ever improved our living? Yes and No. Yes if you are at the tip of the enslavement pyramid enslaving everyone with the uncountable money that you can pull out from your pocket. No is the 95% of majority still live like Hell or day dreaming of how to snatch money out from other people's pocket "legally" or run away from the law responsibilities as quick as possible! Technology is not the key - Eliminate Greediness through Equal Money is the key.

9:55 see, even writing blog cost a lot of time. I mean man, (sigh) can I handle SRA when I got the money for re-join.

Ok, talk to you soon.

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