Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How I was able to hear the Desteni Message!? (4)

Even after I have studied/Joint Desteni for almost 5 years now, I keep asking common sense questions. Do what they say make sense? Of course, after 5 years there are certain level of trust that I have built amongst Desteni, Bernard, Sunette and other Destonians but I still ask myself questions. Does it make sense? What is the most effective way to do it? I'd suggest to you keep asking common sense questions. Not What if this or what if that? That's only the mind. Ask with an open mind: Does it make sense? Do the whole package make sense? Are they hiding anything? Like the religions or the bible, half truth and half lies. Through asking questions sooner or later(to me only a few months) you will find out: Something is not right here!? If it is fake/wrong. Just like existence, at the bottom of our heart we all "know" something is not right in existence. How we called "living" day in and day out is not right. We shouldn't live like this and we all know there must be a better way out. I mean, as you can see -- Desteni is the answer.

When I first listen to Jack's masturbation series, it was totally not what I expected from something titled "masturbation" and I just watch it for a few minutes then I go somewhere else. However, when I saw the history of mankind series, I was drawn by the title "Atlanteans". Click and Find out more about Atlanteans telling their stories through the portal! I watched the first 5 episodes. I found this "story", I have never heard anything like this on earth! Yet, it's far beyond any science fiction story. I mean the contents, the style, the plot are totally different than what I have heard before. It doesn't even sounds like man-made or created from a human mind. Yes, I mean, you can feel those. I have always been fascinating about science fiction stories/Hollywood movies, whenever I see a science fiction book or movie I would definitely read or watch them. Yet, I have never read/heard anything like this! This arouse my interest. This is how I start "digging" into the Desteni treasure library.

Later I found the most astonishing videos are they have three videos. A boy will come first and then swapped to a girl. Obviously that's Sunette -- a maybe 20 year or less teenage girl body. With a 4 or 5 year old boy and girl coming through the portal. With a 5 year old child's gesture, tonality, sharing how they die and how they see the world back then and now. How they are feeling now in the "old heaven" when the portal first opened. I mean, I was totally "brain freezed"!! How could this happen on earth!? I have been living for 35 years on earth then and I have never seen or even heard anything like that, not to mention recorded on a Video Clip! And they make them Free available for everyone to watch! I mean, to me it is way more interesting and worth investigating than go to a circus, isn't it?

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