Monday, February 13, 2012

How I was able to hear the Desteni Message!? (5)

Then I investigate Desteni 6 hours per day. Read their articles and watch their videos. The more I read and ask questions, the more I understand and believe they are telling the truth -- a world that beyond our eyes can see and they know way more than what I can understand. I mean, if it is not for oneness and equality, for the children to come on earth, Bernard could just spend his time with his family as a millionaire almost trillionaire if he is like everyone else in self-interest. Yet, Bernard totally devote himself with Sunette and support Desteni in always doing/planning what is best for all. Their tenacity for Equality is something that I am still learning and applying myself in every moment.

One thing very import is to have an open mind. Ever since I was a child, I don't compromise with: Give up or don't bother. That's the way how things work in the world. Make peace with it. I am not satisfied with that. I always ask questions(or  challenge when people or scripts or bible say don't question or stop asking question any more). Whatever I think is missing or was hidden in the bible or other religious -- they are all answered in Desteni materials and they teach me, open my eyes way much much more!

If you are full of questions about who you are? What this world this universe is? What happen to us after we die? Where do we come from? What are we? What are we doing here on this hell called earth day in and day out? With an open mind and keep using your common sense to ask questions, participate in the forum  -- I am sure you'd find all your answers here in Desteni.

It is also about common sense and humbleness. I always have a feeling that I know everything that we do/act , there must be a consequence. It is just we haven't seen it yet. Common sense is very important. Asking Humble question is also extremely important. I mean, if you don't ask questions, you have pretty much give up your power and "willing to become a sheep" that is just waiting for someone to trick/hoax or slaughter you wouldn't you? I am sure we all agree if that is the case that you give up your common sense, give up your equality as everything in existence, give up the right to ask questions, then there is no one in existence that you can blame, correct? Even If you live in a hell that you keep on suffering in pain in facing yourself after death, right? No one is to blame but you. I can see many beings after they die then asking why!!! why!!! WHY!!!! Why I have to suffer this!! Why it has to be me to suffer!!!! They have "missed their chance" and would Have to be supported on the other side, walking a 100000000000000000 times more difficult road than while on earth. I told myself it's not worth it. I mean, if someone has the courage to believe in ego, believe in religion believe in someone that hasn't come back over 2000 years and an organization that haven't and don't care about the rape, murder and atrocities on earth but some (possible paradise) after you die. Then why not believe in Equality, in Desteni. Why not make your Biggest Profit Investments your/I/we can ever make once in a life time!? Equality for everyone and every children? Equal Money and Desteni.

Making a pledge -- I was a very evil and naughty child in harming existence and I realize I have to through self-honesty self-forgiveness to clean myself to change myself so my outer world will change also. I am not a slave or a King or Queen. I am as EQUAL with Everyone and everything in existence. The key is: Humbleness, Common Sense and asking Humble Questions. Always!

Thank you very much.

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