Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message!? (Summarized)

My story of why I was able to hear the Desteni Message.

Again, I thought I would have a lot to write about or it would be very obvious/clear in me. Yet, I have been asking myself/looking inside myself for the whole night when I was watching Eclipse 4 - Breaking Dawn(Well the movie itself is pretty crappy, it's the old boys girls loving triangle and the actors and their mesmerized audiences are getting older now, so they give the couple a daughter try to extend the money making saga. I would say the truth is once I have read all the fascinating REAL space journeys, stories and fascinating history of earth and dimensions -- I don't find these Science fiction stories interesting any more, you know, supernatural, able to have visions of the future, man change into wolf and have enormous strength, or vampires cannot die and have extreme speed and strength like superman. I mean, after studying Desteni's material for almost 5 years you know these are not true! The real world is not like that, the afterlife is not like that, the interdimension is not like that).

I care about everyone that read this passage and I would like to take this moment to thank you for reading my passage. I care about everyone so much that I want to tell you how Desteni totally change my Life, in how I see things, how I would walk my Life. How I stop/change myself. However, I currently don't know how I can show you. How I can make you start your journey in exploring what Desteni is, why is it worth your time and effort to "open your eyes" to see this grand universe is actually not as beautiful as it seem. The earth is a dark grey and evil place filled with all sorts of crime and corruptions where all evil originated from one word: GREEDINESS! We at Desteni are pledged to change/clean ourselves so both our inner and outer world is to make Earth really a PRACTICAL HEAVEN ON EARTH for us and every CHILDREN everyone on earth. Make Oneness and Equality as the greatest gift to our children and maybe one day, you and me will be one of these children to come and return to this Earth again.

Allow me to tell you a little bit of my background. Before I found Desteni, I was totally lost in masturbation and my only world is just porn animation and closing my room's door and being with myself. I was also so fascinated about the universe, you know, the beautiful galaxy swirl filled with star dust and with vivid and yet mysterious color! Red, Green and Blue! And all sorts of fantasies about space travel etc. When I was small, I know it's not likely that I can travel in space to other planets(according to our current technology) but I just found the idea is so fascinating. Fascinating is an very abstract word, I "learned" fascinating when I first look at an animation girl with big eyes on the floor on a piece of paper and I was staring at it/her. After 30seconds I came back and ask myself: Why I was kept staring at this "figure"?

I had studied chiromancy for 15 years, as an amateur palm reader, I can predict someone's past history or events with a 65% accuracy. So that's pretty accurate. I was lost as most people nowadays -- using whatever means possible to find money(not even earn, as long as I can get more money and enjoyments, that would be my only concern). Working on how to predict my own fate, how to improve my luck.

Before my father die, there is no "death" in my life. My life is just find ways to masturbate and enjoy myself. Ever since my father "die" when I was 32? or 33, death becomes something so close to me, so imminent. Almost like death "suddenly walk into my Life" and tremendous amount of fear of not existing any more arise   inside me. So I start studying popular religion -- hoping to find answers for is there anything beyond death from our ancestor's documents. I read the whole bible(new + old testament) once. I prayed for god thank you him for providing me meals for one month. Nothing happens. I keep testing and nothing really change. Then I began to question these religions.

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I mean, the idea of no question permitted but god "has the best plane for you". He won't tell you what that plan for you is you just keep praying keep having faith in him(lol almost like sink with the ship faith) and things will turn out good. If it didn't turn out good then you are guaranteed to have your place in a heaven after death. Almost like someone gave you a $100,000,000 check and told me: No questions permitted but then you are permitted to cash this one million dollar after you die in your afterLife. It sounds like a 50-50 chance but if you use common sense, it is in fact less than 50% because the so called testaments are only a handful, not to mention no one has ever came back and tell us: Hey, god really exist! he cash me this check $100,000,000 and I put them into a bank in heaven. I am coming to tell you. I mean, the more I study Christianity, the more remind of me the movie Wizard of OZ. When the wizard project his green big head on the projector screen and instruct Dorothy and the lion and tin man do this and do that. When Dorothy began to question with common sense and the big green head just throw them with rage and told them how dare you question my commands!?

Buddhism is even worse! Basically they just emphasize on suppressing your sexual desire, being vegetarian don't eat meat, recite the Buddhism scriptures 500times a day and being a kind and generous person then you can cleanse your sins, end your atrocities your karma and find ultimate peace and happiness wonder nirvana land. I mean, every religion, at the end(of the day), have to give you a postdated check, agree? And they "always depict" a heaven or Eden at the end to keep you think: Great! This can solve all my problems/pain while I was on earth. It is worth enduring it and I will be reward "greatly"! after death! It's still worth investing(especially money) on these religious organizations. I mean, the more I investigate into it, the more (common sense)questions appear, more contradictions rises inside me and I started to question my belief and faith in all these Christianity or Buddhism. I concluded with: I am not satisfied. The more I read and study or listen, the more questions that doesn't make sense at all arise. Like, killing the animals and cooked them on the plate for us to eat and we thank god for creating the "cow" to scream in pain and drown in tears and die?? Not the cow?? Furthermore, Let's put aside the logical paradox of how can the all mighty god raise a rock that he cannot raise but why god created us that need to eat and sleep when god is all mighty and all capable?? Why the world is full of rapists, murderers and a handful of people will trillions of wealth?? Why the trillionaires live over 90 years old and most third world countries like African, children dying on the street or enslaved in factories camp before their 20th birthday??

Religion just totally doesn't make sense to me at all.

How I was able to hear the Desteni Message? Well, after living for 40years on this earth, experiencing all sorts of hoax and tricks in this world. It's like gaining experience in a RPG video game. The more you play, got lied or tricked, if you are open to common sense you gain more and more experience and are more difficult to fall on the same trick again. I got "upgraded" after studying all these chiromancies, Christian and Buddhism. I think the main reason I was able to listen to the Desteni message is because I was pretty stubborn -- I won't settle and stop asking (common sense) questions until I am satisfied. I do believe if one said is "true/real" then the more (common sense) questions I ask, the more it will help me see what it is and if it is fake or wrong. Somehow, "signs of fake/wrong" will float on top when I ask more and more common sense questions.

What surprised me about Desteni indifferent than other religious or cult is: Bernard encourage us to ask (common sense) questions. To develop common sense. In simple terms: Don't just blindly follow like religious and what Desteni said can be tested. But you have to use the tools(like self-forgiveness, self-corrective application) to test on yourself, use yourself to show yourself -- what Desteni said does work on me! I was like: Cool! So just write the words or speak aloud and then I have a chance to live forever!? Cool deal!

Besides of this. The information that Desteni covered are "enormous"!! Extremely enormous!! From quantum physics, molecules, afterlife, past famous presidents/celebrities, exorcism, demons, government secrets, UFOs, crop circle signs, human history/universe history/pre-earth history/dinosaurs history, channeling, fairies, the real heaven, earth mysteries(and they use extremely common sense to explain how and what that myth is for -- e.g. the English stone hedges), the real religious history, what else? Oh, how the world works, how the economy works, the secrets of how money works as a tool to enslave 95% of all on earth. I didn't even know there are something called elite back then. Oh! Psychology, how the systems inside human functions, all aspects like jealousy, hate, angriness, male and female ego, why gay and lesbian exist? Click to Find out detailed explained what is sex, including the FREE downloadable Samples here. laziness, procrastination, love, possession etc. Much more details and can be understand in simple terms, much more helpful than a psychologist or a university professor.

Even after I have studied/Joint Desteni for almost 5 years now, I keep asking common sense questions. Do what they say make sense? Of course, after 5 years there are certain level of trust that I have built amongst Desteni, Bernard, Sunette and other Destonians but I still ask myself questions. Does it make sense? What is the most effective way to do it? I'd suggest to you keep asking common sense questions. Not What if this or what if that? That's only the mind. Ask with an open mind: Does it make sense? Do the whole package make sense? Are they hiding anything? Like the religions or the bible, half truth and half lies. Through asking questions sooner or later(to me only a few months) you will find out: Something is not right here!? If it is fake/wrong. Just like existence, at the bottom of our heart we all "know" something is not right in existence. How we called "living" day in and day out is not right. We shouldn't live like this and we all know there must be a better way out. I mean, as you can see -- Desteni is the answer.

When I first listen to Jack's masturbation series, it was totally not what I expected from something titled "masturbation" and I just watch it for a few minutes then I go somewhere else. However, when I saw the history of mankind series, I was drawn by the title "Atlanteans". Click and Find out more about Atlanteans telling their stories through the portal! I watched the first 5 episodes. I found this "story", I have never heard anything like this on earth! Yet, it's far beyond any science fiction story. I mean the contents, the style, the plot are totally different than what I have heard before. It doesn't even sounds like man-made or created from a human mind. Yes, I mean, you can feel those. I have always been fascinating about science fiction stories/Hollywood movies, whenever I see a science fiction book or movie I would definitely read or watch them. Yet, I have never read/heard anything like this! This arouse my interest. This is how I start "digging" into the Desteni treasure library.

Later I found the most astonishing videos are they have three videos. A boy will come first and then swapped to a girl. Obviously that's Sunette -- a maybe 20 year or less teenage girl body. With a 4 or 5 year old boy and girl coming through the portal. With a 5 year old child's gesture, tonality, sharing how they die and how they see the world back then and now. How they are feeling now in the "old heaven" when the portal first opened. I mean, I was totally "brain freezed"!! How could this happen on earth!? I have been living for 35 years on earth then and I have never seen or even heard anything like that, not to mention recorded on a Video Clip! And they make them Free available for everyone to watch! I mean, to me it is way more interesting and worth investigating than go to a circus, isn't it?

Then I investigate Desteni 6 hours per day. Read their articles and watch their videos. The more I read and ask questions, the more I understand and believe they are telling the truth -- a world that beyond our eyes can see and they know way more than what I can understand. I mean, if it is not for oneness and equality, for the children to come on earth, Bernard could just spend his time with his family as a millionaire almost trillionaire if he is like everyone else in self-interest. Yet, Bernard totally devote himself with Sunette and support Desteni in always doing/planning what is best for all. Their tenacity for Equality is something that I am still learning and applying myself in every moment.

One thing very import is to have an open mind. Ever since I was a child, I don't compromise with: Give up or don't bother. That's the way how things work in the world. Make peace with it. I am not satisfied with that. I always ask questions(or  challenge when people or scripts or bible say don't question or stop asking question any more). Whatever I think is missing or was hidden in the bible or other religious -- they are all answered in Desteni materials and they teach me, open my eyes way much much more!

If you are full of questions about who you are? What this world this universe is? What happen to us after we die? Where do we come from? What are we? What are we doing here on this hell called earth day in and day out? With an open mind and keep using your common sense to ask questions, participate in the forum  -- I am sure you'd find all your answers here in Desteni.

It is also about common sense and humbleness. I always have a feeling that I know everything that we do/act , there must be a consequence. It is just we haven't seen it yet. Common sense is very important. Asking Humble question is also extremely important. I mean, if you don't ask questions, you have pretty much give up your power and "willing to become a sheep" that is just waiting for someone to trick/hoax or slaughter you wouldn't you? I am sure we all agree if that is the case that you give up your common sense, give up your equality as everything in existence, give up the right to ask questions, then there is no one in existence that you can blame, correct? Even If you live in a hell that you keep on suffering in pain in facing yourself after death, right? No one is to blame but you. I can see many beings after they die then asking why!!! why!!! WHY!!!! Why I have to suffer this!! Why it has to be me to suffer!!!! They have "missed their chance" and would Have to be supported on the other side, walking a 100000000000000000 times more difficult road than while on earth. I told myself it's not worth it. I mean, if someone has the courage to believe in ego, believe in religion believe in someone that hasn't come back over 2000 years and an organization that haven't and don't care about the rape, murder and atrocities on earth but some (possible paradise) after you die. Then why not believe in Equality, in Desteni. Why not make your Biggest Profit Investments your/I/we can ever make once in a life time!? Equality for everyone and every children? Equal Money and Desteni.

Making a pledge -- I was a very evil and naughty child in harming existence and I realize I have to through self-honesty self-forgiveness to clean myself to change myself so my outer world will change also. I am not a slave or a King or Queen. I am as EQUAL with Everyone and everything in existence. The key is: Humbleness, Common Sense and asking Humble Questions. Always!

Thank you very much.

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