Sunday, April 5, 2009

The i AM and Be/As Darkness

I always have the question of how can you be the breathe/as Bruce Lee said in his interviews, be the breathe of the trees around you. when i was Watching drama with mom and practicing my 4 count breathe, when i was practicing i AM the darkness, my breathe starts to flow around my body(i presume so) and not holding tight inside me. how i did was, i keep repeating that i AM darkness and tried to 'feel' the darkness then 'cross/step myself forward into' AM/As darkness. i have also tried i AM/As here. before, i was like(using matter and mind) breathe is just a physical sequence of movement, how can a human(it should be Being - including but not exclusively to human) be the breathe? very similar to what Bernard's reply of how to Breathe while speaking. he said breathe comfortably(which is similar to me now, no tight holding feeling while holding the breathe), practice the "Life is Indeed Darkness exercise", give up and flow. i also recall MyKey(aka. Hitler) said in his articles that we are the Canvas not the Paint/Paintings on the Canvas. same with Here, before, i was questioning/haven't realized Here is just a Descriptive word/stage of an Event/Object how can a human(correct: being) become 'Here'? again, i was using the mind to figure/try to reason things out. same apply to words, i was not understand/realize how can i be/in my words as the living words? words are intangible ideas. again, from the farm interviews, the portal can be a date (eg. Jan xx), can be an idea (eg. agreement/sound) and they are all aware. if my realization is correct, then maybe one day i can be my words/(all) words. literally everything is possible, you can be a canvas with Here/Darkness/Words/Your Words/4th of July/4th of July in 2009/Self-Honesty ... and Breathe too.

Thus far, i am still practicing i AM/Being/As Darkness. it is like after you have accumulated certain amount of experience/realization of how Darkness itself is like(feel, being, like etc.) then you hypnotize yourself of "i AM Darkness(Darkness itself)" ... then, you walk over to and being Darkness itself. no forcing(at least in me). that's how i would summarize my experience so far.

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