Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tired translating FAQ and touched by TV drama

Has been doing the translation work these days, i have assigned couple of hours each day to translate (currently working on FAQ) only. it is tired works, for i am very lousy at chinese typings(in fact i am still learning it, mainly relying on the writing board and that takes effort to literally write each words out). however, as i said to Joho today, someone's got to do it and i am doing it bit by bit. maybe it could take some time before some read/benefit from my translation(or not) but someone's got to do it.

When i watched the japanese TV drama with mom today, i got touched by the scens describing love of two people(which is the desire of accompany other, posessing other and hormone energetic experience). my eyes got wet(witht combining the scene and music, not very emotional but you can feel it is turned on inside you|o|). translating the FAQ did help myself in throughly understand/realize every bit of what Jack's talking/refering to, else, you can't put them down into chinese correctly. and i am holding certain responsibility in considering the ones that will read the article. will they understand/realize as similar as what i did through my translation? will they confused? things like those are considered when i am translating. that's why it takes more time, with the barrier of chinese typing and i try not to omit original sentences.

Have registered for a gmail account. for it can be inactive for up to 9 months. porting it from an old hotmail login to the new gamail account is tricky. read some posts and it takes several steps to do that. got a bit frustrated and i stick with aiming at solving the situation 'cause(as cameron said) frustration/angry doesn't help and it energize the mind consciousness support the UCF. sometimes, i wonder, if everything's oneness and equally and we are oneness with the mind should we also be oneness with UCF.

I am start working on not thinking and us Hereness as a way to (kind of like worship) solve problems. i wonder if not thinking and here allow me to fix eg. the lawnmower / more fluent and smoothe in writing.

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe in touching and emotional is enjoyment and legitimate way of responding.

i am enjoying when i am Here in my breathe.

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