Saturday, May 21, 2011

DIP Course Begins

So with the Farm guys' support/sponsorship I am back on DIP(SRA) for one year. Preparing myself for a foundation for me to earn my living through DIP and also supporting Desteni. I spent about 2 hours to read the first chapter, planned to do the assignment in a few days, after I got improved in reciting my sales scripts.

When I look at the course materials again, I watched most of the videos before. Isn't it funny that when I watch them like two years ago, I totally don't have a clue of what they are referring to or what they are talking about but now, after the continuous reading and studying -- I begin to understand and know what the words means. Most people might just like me that they don't realize simple words(you know what each word means but when they combine together you don't know what it is talking about) . Like a veil has been removed and I now understand get what it means.

I can also use some of what Bernard said in the material see how I can apply in the sales business.

Scheduled to chat with my buddy Andrea -- she was my buddy when I was in SRA last year. So would work with her again. We would discuss some questions like: How I am going to market the Taiwan, Hong Kong Chinese markets.

I slept 6-8 hours these days, I tried to rest after dinners because I am working/practicing all day but when I lie on the bed I fall asleep very soon and when I wake up my mom has turned the light off already. I want to rest/recharge but also want to get improved and squeeze more time to work so that is a dilemma.

Ok, till next time

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