Friday, May 27, 2011

Movie Minority Report -- Rewatch

So I have downloaded a couple of movies. Haven't really watched movies for a long time, I found some high resolution(720p) and small size (less than 1 gbs) this arouse my interest of how come such a high definition video can be this small. I downloaded a few and watched on of them. I didn't plan to watch it but I watched this minority report a long time ago and I didn't know what it was talking about, because I didn't get the what they were saying. This time I have subtitles so I watched this one.

It basically said in the future the humans have 'prophets' who can predict murders and bunch of specialty cops work on how to stop the crime before it happens. Also on bunch of actions, fighting, plot, scifi-gatchets. When I first saw it I was just concentrating on looking at the hovercrafts, the special effects and the story lines. I haven't found Desteni back then, it feels like over 10 years now. I was watching it with my brother.

When I re-watch it again, I totally seeing it from a common sense perspective. Just like what Bernard said, the more law you have the more criminals you have in the society. The prophets were not the problem, it's the 'human' behind it that has been causing the 'evil' or problems. The director in charge of the whole system using pitfalls against the public, plotting and using for his own benefits. It is so similar to how our systems currently work -- the rich and politicians are controlling the law system and using "pitfalls/built-in defects" in the system(even the presidents or not to mention the elites at the back manipulating) and we accepted and allowed this to happen. Isn't it showing us how a sheep society we have become and we don't even see it and pick it up when a movie so similar/depicting how our current society works and shows us -- human is the core of all evil and selfishness and greediness at the back manipulating and causing all sorts of atrocities. And we are just like sheeps that don't use common sense.

If the source of the problem/evil -- human themselves are not solved with a system that can effectively aiming at what is best for all, monitoring make sure everyone has each opportunity to enjoy live play educate work and equally taking self-responsibility aiming for what is best for all, no matter how advanced our technologies are -- look at we 'apparently' advanced from stick to spear, to knife to sword to stone throwers, to guns to missiles the whole world the societies have only got worse and worse. Because people are killed and enslaved and exploited more 'effectively' thanks to the 'technologies'. Look at how many laws we put into the foundation of our society and the number of criminals have never been decreased.

When you use your common sense wouldn't you see it obviously it is the 'human' behind the system, laws, technologies that have been causing all the problems/evil on this world? Aiming at/because of greediness?

I have always asked myself and find it close to ridiculous that our law system, allows advertisements or packing candies to 'lure' people to bye 'me' or come consume me but punish/illegal when you don't have money and can't fend yourself off/refrain yourself from the desires to want to eat a piece of candy -- it's called steal. Same with the flooding of pornography and rapist. It is simple statistic that the more nicely packaged pornography (not to mention the internet nowadays) the more rapist you will have. The law/your consent are creating/luring candies thieves and rapists. In common sense, this is a plain statement of: I the law allows 5% of the super rich don't need to do any work but to suck everything out of those below, if you have money you can live like heaven, if you fail become a loser -- you are an outlaw and waiting to starved to death, you won't have any support from the society. The current system allows/legalized inequality, legalized poverty, legalized war and killing and rapist to name a few.

Isn't it time to do something about it before this chaos spread out like viruses and germs. We/I guarantee you the madness of humanity/the chaos will spread in the upcoming years.

Find out how Desteni I Process can help you cure/clean yourself and make a living/earn money at the same time. Have you ever heard someone would pay you to earn a degree/diploma? Never right? I haven't. This is exactly what Desteni I Process is currently doing.

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