Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How will business transition from “private profit” making for the “owners” of the business to businesses that is best for all?

Q: How will business transition from “private profit” making for the “owners” of the business to businesses that is best for all?

A: Firstly, each and everyone’s basic needs like shelter, food, clean water, basic hygiene, transportation, basic medical support etc. will be take care by the 2020 government. Those business owners that “make it”/survive the coming up “clean out” and only those that acknowledge we are all equal to each other in every way and those that respect all life forms on earth can stay on Earth. Sadly as what we can see from how lost and how nowadays business owners placing their values in energies/luxuries/beautiful wives/sport cars/great mansions/boats/private jets, totally lost in greediness. It is common sense that if they don’t change themselves and pledge support for Equal Money/acknowledge we all humans as one body that everyone within are equal in all ways – few if any of them will make it and they only have 10 years at most to pledge their supports.

One critical point that need to understand is ultimately there will be “One and Only” one big corporation exists, and it’s name is not Boeing, Walmart or McDonalds – it will be “Best for all”.

From what I see, there is not much transition from “private profit” to profit/benefit for what is best for all. In Equal Money System/Best for all/Acknowledge of we are all equal in Oneness and Equality you are either in or out, you participate or you don’t participate and take the consequences. For the private profit making business owners, if you acknowledge that we are all equal in all ways that we should respect all lives on earth. Then you keep on doing what you are currently doing, “make the same profits” that you are making every day. However!! You contribute like donating as much “profits“(they are not yours anyways, you suck them from others that buy from you. Realize that nothing is from you! Everything is owned by the Sun and Earth! Without them, nothing would happen) to Desteni to practically push and bring forth the Heaven on Earth! Oneness and Equality through Equal Money system. You “bought” your ticket to stay longer on earth, buy more time to walk your process on earth. Many people asked why Desteni needs money, it is as simple as a child asking: why do you need food? Why do you need water? Her mother answers: Because at this moment, you need water and food to survive and If you want to make a difference, want to push your toy or clean the mess inside the house, or putting your toys back in orders – you need energy, which are from food and water. The same thing happens here, money are like food and water – I/you/we/Desteni wants to make it a better world, in fact, if you want to “achieve anything” in this world, currently you need money.

Those owners that are willing to change themselves, just like everyone else equally, will go through the basic training and take the position of basic laboring jobs – producing necessities like food production, taking care of animals and plants, making cloths, provide and maintain clean water/electricity, building houses/construction, children day care, producing cars, computers all the necessities. To learn and start appreciate what it involves to produce the food/shoes that we wear/cloths that we are wearing – so we won’t lost into the McDonald style of luxurious living again. Nothing is free and everything comes with a price to pay and the current capitalistic system is the poor pay the price for the “riches”(including those that can afford the luxuries of internet) or those that have more money than the poor. This learning and having fun period will likely be 6 months to 1 year. Within this year, everyone participating will have support from the system and you can take different positions to see what you would like to work in the following 4 conscription years.

Sadly, currently most owners are too obsessed into their little capitalistic heavens, they are too lost and won’t give up their current luxurious living style(big mansions, Mercedes benz etc. By the way, within an Equal Money system, everyone/family will have the best car or their Mercedes benz that will last over 100 years! No need to repair or scrap. We already have the technologies, it’s not here in the market only because of everyone’s greediness – I need to make more and more profits by producing goods that break as fast as possible so the public have to buy from me from frequently). If they don’t acknowledge and support Equal Money System, don’t support all Lives on Earth, “choose” to stick with their eyes(what they see) and believe there are no consequences to their continuous abuse of every human, animals, nature, Earth etc. around them, then there is only one “exit” waiting for them – be removed by germs/virus/fatal sickness like cancers, accidents or suicides within 10 years(before 2020).

Many people say: oh that’s crap! Get out of here! Or that is superstitious, or even saying that is a cult. My own story is I have studied Desteni for three years now and sadly, some of us don’t use common sense and have to “bet/gamble” their lives on whether this is going to happen in 2020 or not. To “test” whether Desteni is telling the truth or not. Let’s see who will still stay on Earth after 2020.

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