Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Energy and Equal Money

Q: Will all energy be FREE in EMS?

A: No, Everything in existence are us, we are all aware and can feel pain. Energy comes from physical which means when we enjoy the power and benefit of energy, the physical “must“ suffer to produce this energy/power for us. There is no such thing as “FREE Energy” on earth. Everything including energy comes from Earth(physical/molecules) and Sun. Without the Sun and Earth we can’t even exist. What FREE Energy means to most people is: Can I have FREE abuse? So that electricity and everything will be free and I can just sit inside my home and let the computers, robots, electricity, energy do all the work for me so I can live in Disneyland/Wonderland for FREE. No need to work anymore.
No, this will never happen. We live in a polarity world and the elite knows extremely well about this – In order to have Billionaires/Trillionaires, you have to have billions of slaves(those that have no money and needs to work to survive) to do the work and make their cloths/cars/build their mansions for them. Same principle here, you want to have billions kW of energy, billions of physical/molecules must suffer to produce that much of energy.
What we will/can do thought under an EMS is: we will have agreements with Sun, Earth and Physical. That we take our self-responsibilities as human, all human as part of existence. Consume certain amounts of energy/electricity and we take care of nature/animals/Earth or even the Sun. If we cannot contribute to them at least we definitely will stop abusing the environment/animals/nature/Earth like how we are currently(2011) lost in greediness within capitalism everywhere in all countries on earth. Whether it will be nuclear power/fossil fuel physical/molecules must be suffered/abused to provide such energy/electricity/power for us. What we can do thought is alleviate physical’s “abuse” into “suffer” or even gratitude for the physical providing energy for us.
This will be determined once the Equal Money System is installed, after we have stopped every 5 second a child die in starving, rape, molested, die in enslaving labor factories, abused to death. After we have ended all greediness so nobody needs to live in constant fear/worrying whether they will have money to buy food/pay bills/pay rent. Or will they be laid off and lose nothing and have to live on the street. After we have installed EMS so that all children on earth can choose whatever job they enjoy doing/contributing for best for all. Not based on how much more money they can earn through the type of job but how they would like to contribute for best for all, every jobs get paid the same salary per working hour. After that, we will make an agreement with Earth, Sun or physical to see how much of energy we can consume each year and what we can do for the Earth, nature, animals or even the Sun.
I can’t emphasize enough – My Friend, there is “NO”! FREE Energy in existence.

Q: Will it be a problem if some difficult area where no one want to live at will be neglected? Will we want all these places populated? How will this type of land/places be used?

A: Firstly, there are lots of animals or plants “live” in these area. Like even in unlivable area like the deserts/tropical thick forests/North Pole. Even inside a volcano, NASA scientists already found there are virus and germs living inside the arsenic lava. So from a starting point of act for best for all, there is no need to deliberately wasting tons of energy/resources just to terra reform these uninhabitable regions, just to populate human there.
Every man, woman children or even animals will be taken care of. No one will be neglected. Modern houses for a dignified life will be built for each families, this is all included in the 4 years conscription package. To embody “Equality” we will live in similar conditions with similar scenes outside our windows. I would like to see all sea side area(because of the beautiful scenes), we only build Disneyland style theme parks so no one will complain who has a beautiful sea side scene and who has nothing. We live equally in all ways. Depends on how much energy it will take we just might take turns living in each other’s houses every few years. All sort of possible solutions - all aiming at practically perfecting what is best for all.
Uninhabitable areas currently are paradises for all sorts of animals and plants. Look at how many penguins live in north and south poles! Look at how many blue whales live there! Once greediness which have caused almost all of the atrocities on earth has been removed, we can look further into how to use these lands, aiming at best for all, supporting human, animals, nature, Earth or even Sun! Definitely not what we are currently living as – give a blank eye to everything around us! Abusing every inches of land for self-greediness and money, money and still money!

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