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Equal Money System FAQ - Alcohol, Transition and Rewards! (Updated)

1. Why will alcohol consumption end with an EMS?

Alcohol, as you can sit in a pub and observing people that drink and drink and drink(but don’t drink yourself). It proves right in front of my eyes that alcohol only makes people’s ego/mind – currently a mad beast out. Using Alcohol as an excuse to “dangerously bold” doing whatever they have in thoughts, including: fighting, harming, hurting other people, raping, drunk killing/driving people on the streets and can have excuses that “I was drunk”, that wasn’t me. Alcohol is a paradise to drunkies, or as Bernard called them: rotten people's food because! People are not satisfied, they are either in pain in real life or want to run away momentary and within that few hours their mind consciousness systems integrate with the alcohol chemical structure and they “apparently” feel free, “happy”, exhilarate, wild etc. It feels like once they are drunk, they are tied on a roller coaster and they just let the mind consciousness system drive their physical bodies for them, and they just sit there enjoying the exhilaration. Alcohol serves no purpose but extremely prolong and make you suffer more in your process – totally unnecessarily.

I used to drink beer before I get in touch with Desteni. During holidays, I can almost “feel” people are excited around me – the whole city, everyone are excited, merry joyful especially during Christmas. I wanted to feel that too, I wanted to feel merry and happy too but I hardly know anyone, don’t have many friends. Especially when they have girlfriends, they don’t have time to take care/meet with you during holidays. So I closed my door and drank a few bottles of beer on holidays. It didn’t help much, at first it was quite cozy and the ego/mind consciousness system proliferated but later when holiday by holiday, each holiday I have to drink more and more to get the same level of hung over. The next morning, is feeling sick and have a feeling of don’t feel well asking myself what was the drunk for? It’s not worth it.

So, for what is best for all, for everyone’s good including, the pedestrian’s good, those that are potential beings murdered, hit, tremored, raped, those that would go through tremor of suddenly lose a husband/wife/father mother overnight, those that will even harm themselves or brutally let their ego harming other plants and animals. No alcohol will be allowed within an EMS. Besides, when everyone can literally live in a better world, with greater support from each others, only need to work for 4-6 years(depend on how many children we will have on earth) and can have all basic necessities until they die. If they are still not satisfied and want to run away from this heavenly style of living, truly expressing themselves amongst other life forms on earth in an acceptable and harmony way. Then, special treatment centers and professionals will help them and research on why and how to prevent this happen on our children again in the future. There is no need to hide or run away from your daily life. Life will be extremely fun while everyone respect each other as part of Life and we are all part of Life on earth, everyone not necessary be similar but is equal in all ways. Work becomes optional and alcohol from the starting point of best for all, even for the drunkies’ own good, will not be allowed.

According to one of the statistic sites, in 2009, 32% of all United States traffic deaths are killed by drunk driving, that is drunk driver approximately kill someone every 48minutes. 254,000 people suffered injuries due to alcohol related accident.

From, 100,000 people die in United States each year because of excessive alcohol drinking. Alcoholism costs U.S. 40 – 60 billions of dollars per year.

So from the starting point of what is best for all, should I/We say: because it feel good and that is our “free choice” to experience what we like, instead of finding a solution to prevent the “certain” outcome of millions of death per year. As you can see, obviously, alcohol has caused tremendous deaths, pain and suffering to either the drunker or their victims and their families. From the starting point of act in what is best for all, from alcohol’s sole purpose is just to proliferate/enhance the systems inside human beings – I am sure you would agree with me that within an Equal Money system, alcohol will be prohibited.

Also, when everyone’s starting point is not profit anymore. We will only produce goods that support Life and are best for all. Alcohol and street drugs will not be produced anymore because nobody needs to make profit anymore. Everyone will have all the necessities like housing, food, clean water. All sort of atrocities currently are “legal” because of profits. Corporations make profits from selling alcohols, street drugs, firearms and even prostitutions. Currently laws are only a tool to becalm the public. If laws are effective in prohibiting all those mentioned crimes, then we wouldn’t see them operating in the streets and downtown serving the rich and upper class. As long as there is personal profit, as long as the majority of people do not realizing it is profit as most notorious represented in capitalism that is causing all these atrocities on earth, the good days will never come and things around us will only collapse faster and faster. The majority currently don’t even know the details of how capitalism works. As long as you have money, it doesn’t matter where you get your money from. The government/Elite are not interested in finding a solution for the majority or curing any forms of crimes on earth. They only interest in control and profit. Each product like pornography or street drugs and alcohol that do not serve for best for all will be prohibited and will not be produced/supported. Only what is best for all will allow and remain in an EMS.

2. What will be the transition be like in all areas of life?

First of all, the economic crisis, natural disasters and the escalating for world war III will get worse and worse, getting compounded and compounded. Until in a moment where half of the world population realize – there is no practical solution and no way out, not even world war III can resolve anything. If world war can resolve anything, we would have been actually evolved and learn from what previous world war I, II and all the anonymous world wars in the history of mankind. It will require everyone that really understand what it means to live in a structure of love(and care) your neighbor like yourself, what you give(to others) is what you would like to receive(from others).

The elite and those that print/control money in the world will remain so and as Bernard said: they are untouchable. However, a peculiar point to consider is – the elite are just the minorities in the world, they are always in fear of the mass population yet they require slaves (you and me and most of the population in the world) to support their throne, to do the works for them. So it is “actually” the majority, mass population, has the power they just haven’t realized it yet – how to pledge, access their power and support the groups that can bring them a equality future. How fast can we outrun the manifestation of world war III depends on how many people join Desteni and start walking their process like joining DIP. Those that do not participate are all doomed.

In what I see it, it should not be a beautiful picture of transition. Because I have been walking with and support Desteni for three years now and only a handful of people really join and support Desteni. In a Chinese phrase is: they won’t shed tears until they see their coffins. Some seeing Desteni as an interesting and fun magazine, some just boost their ego to offend Desteni. So it is all about partially using self-forgiveness to clear oneself, clearing one’s essence so their outer world will change, the other part in doing whatever one can to let others aware and know that capitalism is destined to doom, it’s destined to only benefit a few that have tremendous amount of money, it is destined to use wars to make tremendous amount of profits, it is a tool for the elite to create a fake “equal opportunity” of he can rise from poor and become a lawyer, she can rise from poor and become a doctor and live in luxurious heaven, therefore lol “So can you and your children” – does capitalism really guarantee you? “Equal Opportunity” for everyone? If you look with common sense, can you see your “opportunity” in capitalism?

First, it will be Basic Income Grant(BIG) for everyone that cannot find a job, to buy us some more time to train and prepare the new EMS political leaders ready to run for elections – we are going to change the world legally. Once their starting point is best for all in all ways, in taking care of others as what you would like to receive. It is people’s starting point of their acts in greediness that has been causing all sorts of atrocities on earth.

Second, 95% of the factories will be closed because products and goods from now on will be as durable as possible, tremendously reduce the amount of garbage throw at field dump everyday. So for example you can have your best ipod that last for 100 years. It will first be in the rich countries like North America and Europe first. Once Equal Life Foundation candidates have successfully elected(by enough amount of people come out and vote for them). Of course it will require commercials, advertisements and money. We all have to be practical – there is no Jesus that will come and turn water into money or Jinni out of a lamp to do everything for Desteni and ask: yes master?

The most important is to stop all slavery and everyone left within an EMS and staying on earth start taking self-responsibility. Stop all abuses and atrocities on other human, animals, plants, Earth etc. Securing a trustable money distribution system(possibly electronic) where instead of earning money to pay each day or you starved to death or totally excluded from the shielding of support from the system, you being as part of Life get certain amount of “basic money” automatically each month to buy necessities like food, rent, utility, transportation, medical expenses etc. At this state It is too early to speculate what the transition will be like, but for sure everyone’s starting point will be for best for all.


Let’s look at for instance, the Family, Law, Jobs area.

Family conflict will increase as people cannot suppress their emotions inside them, they would literally acting out what they want. It would be chaos. Relationships breaking up and people will be more and more difficult to find any jobs. Hopefully if we have enough support from around the world, we will be able to push BIG(Basic Income Grant) to alleviate the financial crisis of most middle to slave class families, buying us more time to support/train Destonians to push for EMS on 2020. Also, currently in capitalism, family is only an alliance formed amongst a few family members trying to increase their survival rates, to better battle in the world for competition and money. At the end of the day, we are living in the fake illusion of family members have similar genes and we can “trust family members” more than people in the outside world. Family members take care/support each other looking for rewards/favors. A temporary strategic alliance for increasing each other’s chance of survival and benefits through competing with people in the world. Family itself is also a tragic ordeal, when mom and dad are fully occupied by go to work, doing chores, taking care of young children. Constantly battling/quarreling because of money and expanses. Most Parents are not educated and prepared to have children/family and just programmed their children become their exactly duplicate when they grow up and causing problems, like criminals, rapists, or having harmful personalities like bullying and brutal.

In an Equal Money system, everyone knows that everyone is the same and basically everything in existence is just another me. Human beings become humanity – one body. Everyone will be taken care of equally, and fulfilling self-responsibility equally. Competition will be no more and everyone agrees/understand that there is a consequence of everything that you do or don’t do. Family will be a structure supporting everyone instead of “I need to survive”. Partners will go to agreements to support each other in walking their process, a supportive based instead of a “feeling/energy” based. Parents will be trained/educated or even simulated before they actually go setup a family. They might need to learn and use the tools to clean themselves, their consciousness first before they can have babies because their children’s consciousness will be downloaded from the parents. If the parents are not cleared themselves, they are just re-creating the problems inherited in their children and history/everything just repeat itself 20 years later when the child grow up. Of course, as you already know by just need to work for 4-6 years in one person’s life time, parents will have way more “personal free time” to enjoy with their partner and children. Taking care of themselves and their children, much more time spending with their family and together explore what does it mean by being part of Life and being part of nature, part of earth, part of existence etc.

The current law system only serves two purposes: Giving the public an illusion that they are safe and living in a “justice” and fair world, everyone with apparently “equal opportunity” for succeed. The media is totally controlled by the big corporations and government that all information and news are pre-filtered before they are broadcasted. Nowadays, laws and justice system are only corporations and rich people’s tools, under the disguise of a beautiful name – “serving the public and for justice“ to exploit every possible means of corporational as personal profits, stem-ed from greediness and personal monetary/property ownership. I am sure you would agree with me that almost 80-95% of the public don’t even realize this fact.

The economic crisis will deteriorate/collapse fast. The capitalisms all over the world amongst different countries are collapsing, jobless everywhere, riots escalating everywhere. Elite will try to “discharge” these riots by instigating world war III and is in progress already. People all over the world will lose control can’t control their thoughts and become murdering beasts, number of criminals will sky rocket. And I mean, as our history has shown us over thousands of years – law couldn’t stipulate human or diminish greediness and would not have any effects on the escalating numbers of human losing self-control and plainly act out whatever they have in their mind/thoughts/backchats. Supposely, Laws are mutual “agreements for justice” that everyone will stipulate to build/consolidate the foundation of “fairness” in capitalism. However, because of self-interest, self-ownership, greediness the humans including the elite setup the laws system into a money game, a liar’s competition. I mean, look at our current world today: Lawyers, Judges, Governors, Presidents, Corporations all study and work for personal-ownership, greediness as money, aren’t they? We keep changing the laws and nothing have really change in this 2000 years. We still live in an ever corrupting world all because of greediness.

In an EMS, the laws and justice system will be monitored by mathematics and highly computerized with minimal human participation. I am sure you would agree a mathematic computer system currently is way far more reliable and “honest” than a president or a judge, isn’t it? We will live in an EMS world where only laws stipulating human to act in best for all will be retained. All other laws are obsolete and will not be needed because everyone left in the EMS will use Laws, as real mutual agreements, to guard and assist human beings to act in what is best for all – best for all other humans, animals, plants, nature, earth etc. Personal-ownership will not exist, yet everyone will be absolutely “equal” – you can access whatever tools that are needed to facilitate/enrich while you are living/staying on earth, you as every human on earth everyone as you can access these ipods, laptops, cars, houses equally. I mean without personal-ownership and everyone’s future and living standards are guaranteed equally, obviously there is no “need” to be greedy. Without the need to be greedy, EMS Laws aiming for perfecting what is best for all, finally for the first time in human history laws and justice system can really/practically function as a tool to guide/assist/help humans in both protecting the public being harmed and detecting/helping those that have “problems“ inside them and need help/remediation/assistance before they act out and harm others.

Currently in capitalism. Everyone only cares about themselves totally live in separation where nobody can really be trusted and even family members plot against each other when huge amount of money/self-advantages are involved. When I look at the family relationships closely, Closeness between family members are just an illusion that not many people have realized. Most if not all humans on earth are currently selfish, self-interest as greedy as money. Corporation make money/profit through abusing earth sucking oil for “free” out of the ground to motivate machines to replace workers – through industrialization. More and more people will lose jobs because of computerized and industrialized. Capitalism will collapse, the earth will not be able sustain the amount of abuse by 7 billions of humans “worshiping” greediness(as money), self-interest, fuick the planet fuick the rest relentless consumerism. I mean, as you can see from 2007 – 2011, things have collapse tremendously and as Bernard mentioned, they will try to use every way possible to save capitalism and that’s exactly what they are doing now. I am sure you would agree with me as Einstein once said: you cannot solve new problems with old methods. It just won’t work. The core/cause of every atrocities are greediness and inequality in every human. I mean, can you notice any “equality” in capitalism? None at all, can’t we? It is the abusive nature of capitalism, the inequality the relentless consuming for self-interest. We have fatal flaws in our capitalism. Everyone “can” live in an advanced technological society and every job can be done by robots is just an illusion – it only happens in Marvel comics and Hollywood movies.

What we are pushing to help people have a less painful transition period is BIG(Basic Income Grant). Everyone that cannot find a job will receive a small amount of money each month to help them alleviate their sufferings. There will soon where people will not be able to find jobs and the accumulated angriness will need to be exert outward, such as the Occupying Wall Street. As you can see, people are beginning to realize that 90% of the money/fortune/properties are owned/controlled by 5% of the people/families in the tip of the enslavement pyramid. However, riots such as OWS are enpowered by angriness not really a legal way to use the system to change the system. Besides, currently not many people on earth have realized that they can use a close to perfect EMS to replace capitalism – for the first time on human history, they can sleep peacefully without closing their door. For the first time in history, we and our children are not competition motivated but love your neighbor as yourself, give as what you would want to receive from others “equally”. BIG is the biggest possible assistance during this transition period – buy us some time to prepare and train candidates into politics elections all over the world. Changing our government through election – I mean, finally for the first time, Equal Life Party a political party that you can really trust and pledge to work for you, work for your family, work for your children, work for everyone on earth “equally” for best for all.

When the EMS is setup, there is “no need” to be greedy and I mean obviously, no need to find whatever means possible to make personal-profits. Up to 95% of the factories around the world will be closed and products will be designed/engineered/produced as best as you can imagine, as durable as last over 100 years. Nothing comes for free, so you only need to work for 4-6 years depend on how many children or human are born on earth then all your necessities are provided and you are guaranteed to have access to every products “equally“ as everyone else on earth – No matter how old you are or what color of your skins are, whether you are Caucasian, Asian, Arabian or Black everyone is the same equally as part of Life. Now, as you already know nothing comes from free – someone has to produce the goods/products. We can make goods last over 100 years but we cannot make goods magically appears. People t go to the new factories because they love the EMS and want to support EMS. Like if someone ask me: do you love your neighbor as yourself equally? Do you give others what you would like to receive? I said: yes, I do. They then ask: how? Show me. “One way” of showing you love your neighbor, children and animal on earth “physically and practically” is go to work in factories. Producing goods/products for them and in return, everyone including me/you/my children/your children/everyone’s children are guaranteed to have access to these products. Everyone will provide support as they are happy and as they can and in return they and everyone will be taken care of – “equally”. So in EMS, going to work becomes something that you pledge your support to humanity or even existence, taking your self-responsibility as part of life and something fun to “experience”. No pressure, no stress, no survival, no competition, no enslavement, no more greediness, no more profit. The only one that can “profit” from better technologies are “everyone/every human”. You can always “quit working“ and switch to someone else working in some others fields that you want to “experience” e.g. research, rest for awhile or visit around the world. Then come back and produce goods when needed. There is no contract or obligation but EMS requires you to understand what it means by taking self-responsibility and what is oneness and equality, what is best for all. When I understand we are all from the same source and everything is just another me, I automatically understand I need to take self-responsibility and do what is best for all in every moment. I am happy that I can contribute to Desteni and I just keep doing it happily and willingly, no monetary/rewards are needed because I understand they(same as EMS) need support and I as part of Life need to take my self-responsibility. The only question is: what position should I take to make the most out of me?

3. What about rewards for great performance within an equal money system?

As Bernard have said – within an EMS, one’s starting point will not be self-profit anymore. What you do, what you research or compose of any ideas and lead to a solution or a new product, for the better of everyone, every life forms. Anyone that contribute or work because they realize they are part of all life-form and it is everyone’s self-responsibility to according to their talent or specialties, to work for every Life form and with every Life form. Everyone within an EMS knows they don’t own anything, they have rights to use basic necessities like cars and houses but they don’t own anything. They don’t own much personal possessions.

People within an EMS will not be motivated by reward, which in what I see, is also another form of “greed”. People that are driven by reward is literally making a statement of: I won’t take care of anyone/take my self-responsibility as part of all Life forms until you give me “privileges” to enslave others for my personal enjoyment else I won’t contribute. It obviously indicates selfishness and do not totally understand what EMS stands for – I am part of every Life forms, we might not be similar but we are all equal. I take my self-responsibility and take care of everyone and that including me in it.

As Bernard mentioned there might be parties for people gather together and celebrate that we have achieved some breakthroughs for everyone to have a better living, then we all continue with the new technology/products for everyone. Reward only means privilege to enslave others(through I have more money) and if one is motivated by reward only, they are making a statement: I don’t want to live in an EMS system where every children, animals, life forms earth are being taken care of equally and I benefit from as a part of Life. I want to live back in the old capitalistic world and I want to climb to the top of the enslavement pyramid so I can be king/queen/elite that enslave everyone with me having lots of money. I don’t care how other Life forms are suffered or the atrocities on millions of people on earth every second every day – I want my reward. To me these people are a danger to others that truly support EMS and treat every life forms equally and should be locked up and research on them.

This is possible. Look at currently hundreds of Desteni leadership forum members, including myself and more, are contributing themselves daily to Desteni and push EMS to solve the problems, get rid of greediness so everyone every Life forms including ourselves can benefit too. For example, I have been contributing continuously for three years now. Yes it takes time and effort to support/contribute but me as most of the leadership forum members – we see this is legitimate and happy to be part of it, happy to be able to contribute to Desteni and setup of EMS, happy to use/spend our limited time on earth together making a difference/a chance to the current capitalistic system. I am sure I can say we are not motivated by rewards, we are doing it because we realize this is right, the portal is right, EMS is definitely the solution, not throwing a computer or printer every 3-4 years is right, making a computer that will be the best of the best and lasts over 100 years is right and we support Desteni, we contribute Desteni. We ask ourselves in every moment: how can I be more effective in taking roles and participate in Oneness and Equality, in supporting all other Life forms as me.

To me, the greatest reward is me as part of Life. Play a role in the EMS and as a citizen of an EMS, my motivation and starting point is not “reward” or what you will give me in return or else I wouldn’t do any work/support to anyone else – that is self-interest, that is separation. I mean, if I ask you: do you want to live in separation, instead of acknowledge that you are part of Life/existence that you have obligations and rights to fulfill self-responsibility/Life responsibility, and enjoy together with every human, everything in existence together? I am sure you would say: No, I am part of Life and I take my life-responsibility and enjoy with everyone everything else “equally”, wouldn’t you? Anyone that won’t love their neighbor as themselves, limited themselves proclaiming they rather live in separation, will not give others equally as what they would like to receive, only cares about his/her little energy enjoyments and fuick the world and support every forms of enslavement, using money to whip/enslave 95% of people on earth. I mean, would you support a person like this? Would you want this person continue to stay on earth? Is he/she post a threat/harm to existence? Would it be best for all to “remove” them as soon as possible? Through Germs/Virus, Natural Disasters, Earth Quakes whatever means possible? I am sure you don’t want to be one of them on the “remove list”, do you?

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