Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Equal Money System -- Private corporation and businessman's Future (Revised)

Q: What is going to happen to the private corporations and businesses of people?

A: Everyone will be taken care of, so no need to panic or worry about what would happen to those dress in nice looking suits, having a shiny/glassy nice office. Everyone’s basic needs/necessities like food, shelter, a house, a warm bed, basic hygiene, clean water, bathing, basic transportation, basic medical support – all of these will be taken care of by the future government – Including the corporation CEOs, Managers, Suited businessman or business ladies.
There will be no more competition or patents. Each and everyone of us together own all the patents. There would be only one corporation and the sole purpose of this “One and Only” corporation on earth – is to spending every second, every bit of effort possible – to perfect everyone/everything’s living/existence. Let’s say, our current technology can make car last 100 years, how about we spend some money and resources on research to make it last longer? So lesser people needs to work in the factory to build the parts or spend time/laboring in repairing our 100 years old cars. We the people each and everyone on earth(including animals, nature and earth) owns this “One and Only” corporation – it guaranteed to work for no one but for us, which is best for all. Not own by George Soros or Bill Gates. No! Profit/self-interest Profit will be obsolete and irrelevant under an Equal Money System.
Nowadays, various corporations compete each other, using laws and patent to wage commercial wars, consumerism wars against each other, attempting to dominate the market and make tons of profit for their CEOs, through abusing/lying/deceiving the public, third world children/labors/all sort of animals/nature/Earth just for a handful few CEO’s greediness – to fulfill of “I don’t care, I want more, more, more, more and more money. I suck more, more and more money as profits from everywhere – I don’t care”. This is the current system that 95% of us are living under and our children will grow up and just become the same/similar salve, have no choice but to survive, try to get a degree and contribute for corporations CEOs.

Under an Equal Money system, this “One and Only” corporation is owned by everyone/everything. The sole purpose of this “One and Only” corporation is to sever and perfect in within respecting all Life serving all humans, animals, nature, Earth etc. for what is best for all. It is setup only to facilitate organizing, distribution/productions/repairs/research and development to benefit humanity/animals/nature and Earth etc. There is no profit at all. For example, I am a truck driver, I distribute the phones/ipods/laptops/TVs from the factory to the cities. I don’t make any profit, I understand I am taking a role and taking my self-responsibility working for take care of all the children on earth, all other human on earth. Besides, I got paid by my laboring hours (as new money). I can fairly exchange let’s say for a stay in Disney land hotel, of course no one will be serving me, everyone is equal and I will need to do my laundry or clean my toilet(after I used them).

Let’s say I am the worker that produce those ipods/laptops/TVs. I know my family and I will be taken care of, our house, food, clean water, children’s bathing/basic hygiene, their transportation(our cars and school bus), our basic medical support are already taken care of. I don’t need to worry about whether they will have food or shelter the next day or when they grow up will they survive because in 2011 – people cannot be trusted everywhere. 2020, we are living in a no need to rob or deceive world. I got a laptop, my children, my colleague got a laptop, my manager, my friends in Europe, my friends in China, my relatives in Africa they all got “their own laptops”. There is no need to “steal” others laptops and re-sell them for money – Everyone on earth’s necessities have been taken care of. I am here to work as a worker yet I am no different than any other one in any positions. We are taking different roles to help/serve me, my family, all humanity, all animals, nature and earth and I got paid. I can exchange the laboring hours (new money) for things that me and my family I enjoy. I don’t need to make profit or make money for survival.

Let’s say I am the corporation’s researcher. In 2011, we research to find every ways possible to make profits for the company. Each new model we just give them minimal upgrades and forcing the public to throw and buy, throw and buy, throw and buy keeping this cycle as short as possible. We only develops products that breaks faster and faster, shorter and shorter product serving period. On our research, we give everything a blank eye, we only maximize the profit of the corporation, which are the CEOs, we consume like viruses, wasting resources on battling against other corporations, using patent as our weapon to guarantee our profits. Now in 2020, I don’t need to worry about me and my family’s survival, the government takes care of our basic necessities. I work for everyone and everything on earth. We already have the technology to produce cars that last for 100 years. We will concentrating in research for make the car last longer say 150 years, consume fewer gas/fuel. Make it safer by protecting both driver, passengers, pedestrians or even animals. We limit the car to a certain amount of speed because we don’t need to meet our tight schedule, work becomes something that you enjoy and contribute so that everyone on Earth can benefit. Without competition and patent, everyone’s research achievements are contributed to make the best car on earth, for everyone on earth without boundaries, no countries, no matter what color of skin you have – Caucasians or African descendents, all will have a car. Because car is a necessity for everyone and children on earth, to have a decent life.

Let’s say I am the CEO/Managers of the corporation. In 2011, Corporation CEOs/billionaires/trillionaires are the source of almost all of the atrocities on earth. Just to fulfill the madness and apparent joyful happiness of a handful billionaires, 95% of the whole humanity have to live in hell every day. What has been supporting these “slaves” are the illusion of capitalism provides everyone an “apparent equal” opportunity that just maybe the slaves or their children, through studying can earn their ticket to leave poverty or suddenly improve their living by earning more money. Those that are in powers use all sorts of controls and means possible to dumb down all children through schools. To provide literally “everything for CEOs’” little heaven, almost all on earth have to go to work and live in hell each day – to work in factory to produce or work in hotel to serve us the CEOs. To support our suits, our beautiful wives and children’s garb, luxuries mansions, private jets, sports cars, boats, maintenance, maids, gardeners. Everyone are our servants, they clean for us, do the laundry for us, cook cuisines for us. CEOs in 2011 are the legal devil on earth. Only few of us acknowledge and support EMS, few can grasp and agree everyone are in fact the same and every person on earth is equal. In 2020 as the handful CEO’s that survive “clean out”, I become a manager. In this “One and only” corporation, I don’t have to worry the people working under me will plot against my fortunes because everyone is equal. Everyone got the basic necessities guaranteed by the government. Everyone just needs to work 4 years conscription and the rest of each one’s basic life supports are taken care of. I don’t need to be greedy anymore, there is no need to greed – everyone has their one and only ipod, laptop, desktop, car etc. I am now more of a manager role in arranging how the “one and only” corporation operates. If I am not needed in management, I will be helping in production or repair and maintenance – I am just like everyone else, everyone is equal. I do not work for my own greediness, I am as part of all human/existence contributing whatever I can so that all human on earth, animals, nature, earth can all benefit. Even if we need to suffer, we suffer for best for all “equally”. I don’t stay in my position forever, we take turns sometimes through voting to determine who take what positions. Voting electronically will be as easy as using internet at home or using credit cards. Critical positions like money related besides of voting by everyone but also each person can chair “these positions only one year“, no matter what.
I also teach children on how atrocious our world was. I make vlogs and blogs to teach our children in 2011 we were living in a man eat man, dog eat dog world. To help the public understand a critical evolution point in humanity: we cannot go on live in system where everyone just mesmerized by money and luxurious living, this is not working and 95% of the population are living in atrocities every day. Everyone don’t love each other, everyone is lost in whatever ways possible to eat each other. We were lost in 2011 that we act like as long as we can run away from the law by employing lawyers, there are no consequences at all. We don’t have to be motivated by greediness. We can be motivated by taking self-responsibility and doing for what is best for all(As a matter of fact, I am typing this I do not get paid I answer this question all from the starting point of practically bringing heaven on earth for our children to come, and I enjoy doing that). I have learned and understand that I am part of existence and I cannot just take and not contribute. Me and my family can still take a trip by fair laboring hours exchange or have the children have a ride of the roller coaster in the fun park.

** I have more time spending with my children and they love me more. I don’t have to spend time and effort on thinking of ways to compete with other brands there will be only one brand. I as part of all can present my worries to the government and they will look at it, if it’s more important than best for all then they will address my worries. I don’t have to worry every second that someone close to me might take over my possessions/money while at the same time, I got what I needed. I am just like everyone else, I have a car, a laptop, an ipod, a desktop. I can explore my life how I want to live happily without worries for money or being robbed.
Let’s say I am the janitor of the “One and only” corporation. In 2011 we were the most frustrated and angry working at the bottom class. We are not being taken care by any government, everyone afraid of become a garbage collector or janitor so they push their kids to study, study and study. Praying they won’t become us one day, they fear us like germs and demons. We are hopeless, we see no hope in the capitalistic enslavement pyramid. We are just “tools” or toilet papers for the riches and everyone who have more money above us. Because of our employer/boss’s greediness, we have lesser and lesser tools and protective gears like gloves or goggles. We are the most abused class, we do most of the laboring work and we got the least paid. We live in constant fear/worry about our survival and anger to the society and envy of everyone’s money, children’s toys, new cars. Why and when is my/our turn? We are literally living in hell every day. Most of us become manipulated by those that are rich including become soldiers/mercenaries, or go riot in different cities, some become criminals. In fact the riches create us, they create all these crime, riots and ransacks. Trying to defend their money/property by police and firearms. The criminals in the jail are not evil we are forced to commit crimes. The real criminals are those that are rich, the billionaires/trillionaires – they cause almost all of the suffering and atrocities in this world because they use us as slaves to support them, their beautiful wives and children’s luxurious living.

In 2020, I don’t need to worry about anything. I don’t need to worry food, shelter, transportations, basic medical/clean water/hygiene’s support all from the government. I just have to work for 4 yours and all those mentioned above are provide by the government until I die. Me and my family even have cars. Greediness is not the starting point of everything anymore. I have a laptop that last over 100 years. My children are educated not to dumb them down but aim at really preparing them, maximize them in all aspects to see what they would like to participate in working and enjoying themselves when they grow up. I have all the protective gears I need to for my work, protecting my hands, face, skins etc. After 4 years, if I for instance, want to enjoy a ride in the theme park like Disneyland or need to buy outside of necessities I can find a job and exchange with fair laboring hours with others. Jobs will be greatly reduced since up to 95% of the factories are closed because things/goods “last” as long as over 100 years! Repair and maintenance are minimal and breaks down/throw away is scarce. Owning products become a Multiple Win-Win situation, instead of just the CEOs/billionaires win situations. I understand that I am contributing to work for all humanity, all animals, nature and earth. My company is aiming at what is best for all, all decisions are based on mathematical equating what approach will benefit the most – best for all. I take my self-responsibility as part of life, part of existence to work. I am just like everyone else we are equal. I am working as a janitor to help and serve everyone because it is necessary to clean the toilets, I feel good after cleaning toilets because I can trust everyone will do the same to contribute and benefit for all – always doing what is best for all. Me as a janitor as part of all humanity, when everything is best for all, when all humanity, animals, nature, earth can benefit – that includes me, I am included, Me and my family “can also benefit” from best for all. To really applying “Equality”, everyone take turns and everyone do the basic necessities support jobs/positions to learn and understand what self-responsibilities are needed. The fast-food or McDonalds type of living(drop by and food miraculously are ready in front of you) is gone forever. Everyone take turns and learn what does it take/means to support each and every human being, animals, plants to live a dignified life on earth.

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