Monday, June 22, 2009

Merging myself with Breathe

Talked to Klevo today, pretty interesting guy. He took his life into his hands and manifested that way. he was doing ok and self-sustained, got some law suite things going on. Cameron was here, and quite some people in the chat room today. Bob came up late, same as before that i don't quite understand in what he typed. i have an impression that he has mis-interpreted the meaning of Self-honesty but i myself is not in position of saying because that would be judgment and he's me too. actually, everyone and everything is me but it's just i didn't accept/view it that way.

re-Watched the First molecule video, |o|, i mean, i found it interesting but also sad for how we ended up this way? i mean, we, mes everything - what went wrong? what will happen to 'us' all when everything is no bigger/smaller than Life but Life itself? some of the dimensioanl beings previewed that at the end - nothing will left... does it imply that we will just be Darkness and not more 'shaking'? will there be 'joy' or happiness? well, we don't know yet but i agree this has to Stop. the current situation is losing tracks. look at when i was a child, and look at what we are nowadays - it could be because i was a child back then but what i see is more competitions and people are not Living anymore - as before and more isolated. People live - simpler and comparative more joy inside than after the computer revolution. one thing as a relief is i realized we can't 'die', you can be 'wiped-clean' and have a fresh start though. i also find out another thing is continuous suffering is more painful than die - and we have came to a stage of, i mean watching the desteni interviews - how many beings 'projecting' death as 'their end'? Bernard asked: if you are alone and all you know is you can create everything, what would you create? i at first thought about ok - company, sex, a girl but these are all pre-defined - those are just experience that i observed from others that i would like to experience or beingness into, also Life, yea Life is something that most people are projecting and looking for. i mean what is creating? is when i am eating and i feel life/movement of life and feel esca**y at the same time's creation? under the balancing law, without touching polarity what creation would be like when every participants are considered.

The word that i am practicing Here is Merging. i found that i have tried all sorts of ways but not Merging. what merge means, it means allmagumate together. it means putting myself into and accept and allow the target and the target do the vice verse to me which is equally and oneness. hum, that's interesting - merging. because, either take/give/control/dominate/inferior/ego do not consider equality, even when submitting myself, to the Breathe for instance. Everything is originated and are the same me after all so not exactly as a worry of losing myself/having something mixed into me. will see how it goes.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from Life as all life Here and just personal centered interested.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define happiness and joy according to my experience here on earth and fear of the boredome of when all life here is merged into oneness and equally.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to delve into competition and comfortable living style and dreamed of looking/change myself look like models - which are in some sense - only more developed walking sexual organs.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to enjoy being worshiped as separation and being special while everyone everything is just me[s].

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to just care about my living and ignore others and other things that need to suffer and contribute to my comfortable living and i pursued for more and more - not always with self first and all life considered.

I forgive myself for accepting allowing myself to judge bob for being full of shits but he's just me and arranged for me to see i am full of shits inside.

I consider self first and all life equally as i can.
I live with self and self as all life.
I do not compete I co-operate with other me[s] as one.

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