Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do you want to Make lots of Money in our End times

12:24am, so as Bernard said: it is about how to promote Desteni I-process. In the monetary way because it's so shocking true that Bernard shows us -- the public don't care about how to clean themselves through self-forgiveness, no -- That's why nobody joins. So for anyone looking for an way out here is your chance -- Go study, google Desteni I-process. Find out how you can make quite some(actually it's a lot) of money through the I-process, if they approve you.

I definitely agree with Bernard that the world system is ending -- Just look at the governments that have Never found out what is the real problem that has been causing the financial collapses in the world and I-process is your chance to make your living through -- Invest 100 euro per month -- Learn the materials -- Recruit and assist more people -- Your get Reward -- You Invest(Contribute) again.

The whole concept is Buy the product -> Use the product -> Contribute(buy) again. You can only recruit 10 buddies into your team -- Over the Quota/Limit you have to assign them to someone who don't have any/have less than 10 buddies in their team. The point is stick close to this 10 team member you assist them through promoting acquire their own 10 buddies. Each person can only have 10 buddies/members in their team so choose wisely. A suggestion would be someone that like you admire your works. So know the members well before recruiting them into your own team.

Now the most important part -- How do you make money through this? As far as I know, you take a certain percentage of monthly investments from the people that are below you, so if you have a group of 100 fine you receive a fixed percentage from all these 100 people, if your group(including all those below you) have 500 fine, 1000 great -- That's how you make money(we wouldn't say profit because at the end like 20years later it all go back to Equal Money System).

So it would take approximately 3-4 years to enlarge your group, through promoting your product, sharing yourself.

For further details google: Desteni I process

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