Friday, April 22, 2011

Water Powering Engine - Greediness is the source of humanity's evil, Technology won't solve a thing

Fox news report

11:56 pm. This has always been fascinating to me that you don't need gasoline no need to spend tons of money to drill the gasoline out for a power source -- as a temporary solution to solve our daily needs. Yet the 'inventor' is based on his self-interest using law to patent his copy right and even partner with the US military to invent on how to power armored vehicles or tanks by water.

Have we been lost in lacking even a tiny bit of commonsense here -- technology never and can't solve the problems on earth, it is greediness that causing all sort of atrocities on earth. Quite some people keep saying technology can bring heaven on earth -- a fantastic future no it won't. Because of Greediness the inventor didn't give a damn about millions of those that are starving to death say children in Africa, Middle east, China or India you name it and his sole starting point is greediness. The government did care only in how can turn their crushing tanks into money generating machines through war and killing other humans. This is the sold proof that how Greediness has turned us everyone's sole starting point is just greediness and how I can enjoy my life by not taking self-responsibility and just exploiting more and more.

Water engine can be a savior that saves millions of children or those working at the base of the enslavement, providing food shelter(right now house and land is used as a tool for people to flip to make gigantic profits) power easy to get water as fuel power machines to harvest to plant food to transport poor children to hospitals to schools, to power lights and millions even all of humanity can benefit from it. Yet it didn't turn that way -- because everyone's starting is just Greediness, money is just a tool a cover up, the smoke scene. What really is the source of all atrocities and pain and sufferings is Greediness.

Water engine can/right now is developing for military use powering killing machines so that a country can be stronger and further dominate/enslave other countries and kill more people so the rest would live in fear and have to bend their knees on the ground and beg for: Please don't kill me, I would rather be your slave to serve you. Water engine has been used as a tool for one person's self-interest of wanting more money so he doesn't need to work and fuick the rest 75% of the earth are suffering painfully starving each day enslaved in a Chinese factory worked to death for making ipods or playstations.

Oil companies try to postpone or sabotage the project. I remember some even got killed so they can continuous owning the privilege of if you want to live if you want power source -- you have to buy from us for oil, not to mention the elite at the background that has been plotting to reduce the human population because earth is not producing oil anymore.

You want to solve this mess? You want to continue live the rest of your life until you die? Oh yes, time is ticking and those that do not support oneness and Equality would be deleted from earth. Support Desteni, join Desetni I Process -- the income plan that can earn your living at home while you learn how to become a stable better being.

Like us, Show your dedication and participating in bringing forth Heaven on Earth, so one day when you come back on earth again, in next life, whether you are an animal or human or grass -- You live in a 'love thy neighbor like thyself' heaven on earth. Not this Water engine used to power tank or bombers or chicken stick in a 3x3 inch iron cage for the rest of it's life extremely abused totally beyond the imagination or concentration camps. That just because your current life is ok is comfortable and you don't need to care about everything in existence in universe around you -- the natural disasters are exactly doing the same to you/showing you, you don't care about everything, this is the consequence you would suffer or eliminated removed from this earth when the 'deadline' has come.

It would be too late by then, it is all common sense.

12:29 am.

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