Sunday, April 24, 2011

Money and Zombies

11:06 pm. So forcing myself to keep writing. What should I write about? Have been using the vocabulary building program to build the scripts and closing all along almost for these half month, ever since I decided to switch to become a software sales. Heavy training.

I am still not certain on how it will turn out, how I would do it here in Vancouver. Everything is still a question mark of how I do it how do I approach, it's like the mind is always insecure when you cannot calculate the path ahead and always like

I don't know/not sure how to do it. Because from past experience usually what the mind project is wrong and what/how the circumstances turn out is totally different that what I anticipate. I though sale was easy but so far it has turned out totally different than what I though of I just use my big moth to talk -- it's the opposite I should talk less and listen more. Also, for example I though door-knocking is easy but it's totally not that I mean I got tired just by doing it for one Saturday for 2 hours but I don't have time to think about those now, I know what I need to do is to concentrate on my training. The more I am prepared the more effective I would be, without properly trained myself to a satisfactory level and blindly walking out would just waste my time and effort because it would be difficult for me to close any appointments. So training training and training.

What I have been experiencing through these how long? 20 days? or 25? training and time went by very fast. What I realize is even when you find a path to make money it would take a lot of effort to train yourself and have to have the right tool to assist you or it would take even much longer.

From the beginning that I totally didn't have a clue of how to remember/learn the stuffs to today that I have a basic foundations. It could take 6 months to learn the materials without the program and I am serious. When I took the real estate license test I kept studying 6 hours a day and right after 1 hour I would forgot the information and I just kept repeating kept reading it again and again to 'repaint my memory'. Now it's like I 'know' the information and I can remember them to a very high accuracy.

I have been wondering what I can share, what I can write about in my blog. Because it is pretty simple -- Walk every breathe in bringing forth Equal Money system to end all atrocities on earth to an extreme big evolution through such a small step. Do I just keep writing the same message again and again? What can I share how I apply myself in Oneness and Equality? While most of my time is just typing in front of the PC several hours everyday. One thing of course for sure is I walk myself stand up got a grip financially then see how I can support Desteni. Desteni I Process is a great way to make money but I need money to take the course so I need this software selling job to earn money. Everything is always about how to put my time and effort to the best use to bring forth the Equal Money as a first step. Because with all sort of atrocities and all sort of sufferings happening on children, the majority being slaves in the pyramid, animals in slaughter house, all sort of pains happening right in every second, shouldn't I participate and do something about this? Shouldn't I do my best effectively in participating so that everyone can enjoy Heaven on Earth and including myself I mean I am 40 years old now that's not much I can enjoy I would be happy to see the Equal Money system setup within 10-20 years, Imagine all sort of garbage that we throw out everyday -- Printers, TVs, Chairs, Cars, Fridge you name it, the all more you throw away the more you need to 'replace' with new means someone including yourself need to go work your lungs out everyday! It is simple common sense so simple that including myself didn't see it and I see it now.

So it is not for how I can enjoy in a Equal Money system or how much money I can earn to enjoy. It is just simply we cannot go on this way -- because of Greediness we humans are severly harming each other through money as greediness disregarding everything but only energy stimulants in our eyes/we call this as 'life': sex, masturbation, diamonds, fancy cars, delicious cuisines, traveling, 'joy' which is just a form of energy, beautiful cloths, ipods, ipads, new notebooks, games that we practice killing and shooting also energy. All these desires shouldn't we see it common sensely we are totally lost in energy and can't stop. Don't you see that the majority 'slaves' inside the money enslavement pyramid are just walking zombies seeking and sucking energies whenever they can.

11:44 pm.

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