Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy Busy and Busy

I overslept like eight to nine hours last night. It's 1:25pm now and I have been busy busy and busying taking care of all sort of things checking emails uploading arranging things and need to plan ahead of my realtor business. I wanted to get up early to take care of my stuffs, have many works to do but it's cold and I overslept, usually sleeping more in the winter time, actually it's lucky if I can be productive during winter time, in Vancouver it's cold here and you don't want to do much move much during the winter time - it's not that freezing cold but you know always grey in the sky, not much sunshine you don't see the sun very often.

Talked to Robert last night oh before that, let me share I just read the article on Sunette sharing her chatting with birds and a dog at the farm - it's interesting to always reading Desteni materials but I really! really don't have time to do that, until those two days that I have some time that I can do some reading - educating updating myself so I can make some vlogs - usually I would be writing out points making vlogs, practicing smiles, practicing Mandarine if I find some speakers from Taiwan or a few from China - so extremely busy but I presume it's not as busy as the guys at the farm that they say it's totally getting out of your comfort zone here I mean here we living in North America is having comfort zone living here! we have cars, gasoline electricity as power, food shelter and like me can work on Desteni stuffs but I am also preparing myself walking my way becoming a realtor - real estate here are having a bullish market I got to prepare myself quick that's why there is certain pressure on me that I need to take care of DesteniChineseTD, my vlog channels, blogs, and my realtor business that I have to be precise and correct in every steps because if I made a mistake then I would fall back a couple of days because everything like printing business cards, taking photos(and practicing smiles) everything are inter-connected with each other - if one thing postpone the whole thing would delay.

So the birds have explained that through blogging we are also creating the "new"(I presume) me that what I in essence would become as how I would live myself as. I am quite surprised that only till now - reading this article that I know why they said it's important to blog everyday - it's a creating of myself of how I want to live myself as - after efficient self-forgiveness to release our past. The very first thing that I want to create of course is Equality because what I find inside me I am missing Equality inside me - at this stage it's only still a understand a knowledge and information it's still not into me yet(also I am afraid of the tons of self-forgiveness that I need to do that at this moment I am still having difficulties in writing lots of self-forgiveness out. I mean when I see Sunette writing tons of self-forgiveness out it totally astonished me). So I need to write in Equality in applying Equality like the first thing that I need to through corrective application is taking turns - taking turns to accepting pains for what is best for all. I was afraid of pain - extremely afraid of pain(most people are) that I would very afraid of being french fries or reincarnated as chicken being killed being eaten being digested. Not to mention Bernard has said in one of the interviews that if you really participate in Equality then you would eat human meat because human are the most conscious - which did induce some fear worries into me that would we raise human for food? in the future for those that remain on earth? because for Equality it means take turns and I realize that there is always always a "Equality" Consequences - no matter I mean look we all have been trying to run away from Consequences using all sort of methods but all doesn't work! no one can run away from Consequences it's just you didn't see it - even with the Consequence of Abusing Mining Harvesting Earth Nature animals for greediness for gems diamonds - that you have Australia flooding, that you have Europe mega snow storm and it's just the prelude.

I feel I am seriously learning taking turns even if it's painful if it's for best for all then I need to accept it - it's my Equality 101 and totally fervently doing it or not do it again. I have encountered people saying: Love is the solution Love every one including your enemy including the one that you hate but as I said: talking love is cheap is meaningless. As Bernard said real love including treating everyone as Equal as you(it's not even a treating it's a fact that they are you). Real Love is in Action in Participating pushing what is best for all! the principle is quite simple - I am applying it in assisting Desteni. So I am learning accepting taking turn and Consequences for what I do and do not do in every moment.

I talked to Robert and he mentioned that it would also need to take me to the farm 1 or 2 years for preparing me, of course I was ignited. That I always want to meet Bernard and Sunette and live in what Equality is like - from photos and people from the farm sharing said it's quite lots of work but really really! heaven(I wanted to say paradise - we are not quite there yet) on earth that everyone is contributing for best for all. Of course there are many questions kind of like I want to follow Bernard around, ask questions if I got a chance, if I can get guidance from him - for I have been lost for so many years in my 40years Life that my only achievement is inside my room and masturbate - totally being controlled by the sex system - that I was not living and my time was wasted. I don't "care" how much time I left on Earth - lol at most 40 years then I almost can't walk around can't contribute to Desteni anymore and this is really my motto to stand me up to support me to sustain me to keep doing as efficiently as possible, and what Bernard said is really really true and touch/struck me inside: give (Equal Money) this to your children, and to their children and to their children and their children. So I am dedicating myself into at this moment is bringing Equal Money on earth - it's just how I can do it efficiently.

This also brings another "interesting" question I asked Bernard last night: besides of being a realtor how can I most efficiently contribute to Desteni, he replies - Money is the most efficient contribution. lol that I got it that I need to find deals I need to earn money as efficiently as possible. That's why as I said it's tried and tired that I need to both take care of realtor preparation and writing blogs and vlogging - it's not for me! really totally not - it's for Equal Money it's for Desteni it's for the if humanity survive/remain on earth for the Children to come and Everyone can finally put the burdens put the survival put the competition aside and say: I am Expressing myself I am happy everyday I laugh I smile I learn/apply how to become part of Life how to treat everyone everything as me as self as Life! If your not a Destionian yet, just consider that, picture that! what trillions over trillions of people/Lifes had dreamed of and we have a chance to Participate to bring it here on earth - that as Bernard said: those that say they want Equal Money system and do nothing is just "dreaming" for the Equal Money. You have to participate.

As always use Common Sense to see things - this would assist you a lot in understanding the Desteni materials, instead of just being a mind/ego boasting and (stupid enough) waiting for his(mostly males I don't know why) his removal through virus and germs.

So me, my bigger realization is taking turn - live in Equality smile laugh in Equality, taking self-responsibility, learning how to easier experience pain, accept pain at this moment it's a part of Life it's part of taking turn in Equality. When I see doing things as my self-responsibility within Equality within what is best for all then it's not a "sacrifice" anymore - because sacrifice only exist within self-interest only exist within the illusion of "free-choice" - there is no Free Choice, use your common sense - free choice is greedy is selfish is fuicking care about the world the universe about everyform of Life! free choice flourish in Extreme Abusing anyone Except you! but the fact is - everyone is exactly you, that's why there is Consequence - your not hurting someone or something - your hurting "you".

Ok, quite surprised I have so much to type to share. I'm having lunch trying to fix my nose it is about to burst out a red pimp on the tip - it's not pleasing on the photo it would look like a crown. Ok, talk soon.

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