Monday, January 31, 2011

Just come back from Realesate lecture

9:53 too early for bed too tired for making vlogs so listening to Sunette's - Self change through living Not Miracles. I have been doing things simultaneously of course lol it's not as efficient as only doing one of them especially while listening working to understand and express through bloging - really have to stay in (4 count) breathe. It's almost like you can't think but totally rely on common sense.

I found out the students pre-realtors and rookie realtors are quite different than veteran realtors, only one thing in common - most if not all are motivated by greediness by how can I get more money through buying and selling houses. lol if they know what how cancer is formed I doubt if they would still approach their lives this way. Inside the class I found no consideration for the world for earth or even other humans that are enslaved - like I am the only one that put the glass back for people to collect for cleaning. It's like their whole world is how to protect myself feeling distant to others not willing to initiate a chat but it's ok if I approach them. Not even much of a teaming up and long term career expectations here. I mean to me - it's if I can't even break the ice to initiate a chat then I would automatically disqualified to ring door bells in my neighborhood because these are realtors that won't bite or we have common interests and I told myself if I can't get pass this I can't do cold canvassing. It's really tired after class, I thought I was going there only to "enjoy" someone talking, well - it's enjoying how people from the boards lecture sharing their experiences demonstrating to you, if you use Common Sense you can see quite a lot and see how to adopt their strategies into your own application, of course need to re-read the text when I come back.

My mom picked me up and she always see her as always correct and always have tons of frustration and angryness inside her and use every means possible to exert on me or anyone subject to her - in this case it's me because I am financially dependent on her. I know if I am not living participate through my mind consciousness system then I wouldn't feel annoyance at all she is just shooting sound to me(as Jack explained) but I don't know how. I am working to stay in my breath but it's still annoying to an extend until I can't stand it anymore - really don't want to participate in my mind and what triggers her outburst are just as Jack said totally minor stuffs - she is just using whatever possible as an outlet to exert.

I met a realtor in class Linda. Most people in this reality I found they are extremely like her - she had double degree in medical like a doctor or something specified in trauma, earned lots of money and until too late that she had a car accident and become crippled. I mean nature is coming after humans weather animal kingdoms germs and viruses are aiming targeting at the humans and it's still at the prelude, early stage of what is targeting at the humans yet, some if not few would change aware realize that we are all oneness and equal with everything! in existence until it is too late - they listen they learn only after they die! when it is already too late.

I am exhausted in going to class and it's only day 1. I still have 4 days to go, man.

I only know one thing: I walk work my way in participating Heaven on Earth, learning how to become part of Life how to become part of existence what self-responsibilities how to cope with everything in existence how to "love" (now this is real love) everything as part of self. How to release self-forgive my past and become a better person that fit that function within the first principle - everything we are all from the same origin and we are exactly each other but playing different roles taking part in existence playing give and take in existence.

To end what we are currently living in this competing with each other, and all sorts of these extreme abusing disregarding each others the animals nature to earth - to 95% of the majority it is hell and being enslaved only 5% of those in power having tons of money are having everything through money to enslave 95% the majority.

It is not difficult to see when you apply Common Sense that the sole only - what is supporting 95% of majority to continue enslaved day by day is "thin air hope" - hoping dreaming one day it's my turn! I can everybody has free-choice! everyone got equal opportunity(lol else it would be riot if they found out it's actually the elites printing all the money as paper and enslaving everyone) to get rich - that one day just maybe be one day if I continue my living as hell, I could have chance to become the 5% master enslaving everyone with tons of money.

Greediness definitely is the root cause of all problems on earth - it's Common Sense.

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