Sunday, January 23, 2011

Settle with Joe on doing a flyer design

2:33pm just finish lunch(actually it was my breakfast) so I am pushing myself to not rest and use the time to write because I really don't have much time to handle all the tasks. Setting up a business takes a lot of money and effort - you really need to make sure how money is spent and who's doing what, what should be done in what sequence, what questions and how should them be asked in the emails, waiting for replies, how much time do I have - everything must be arranged, monitored in sequence, else anyone of them screw up then the whole project would postpone - quite a lot of pressure it's like taking care of a baby - how can I improve this? how should I arrange that and the realtor business is just sitting there giving you no response at all. Pretty much feeling I am alone and have no one to consult. Nowadays if you don't give money/advantages to the people in the matrix/general public nobody would assist/help you, not even my mom. I mean, look at how greediness and "I want more money I want comfortable living but I don't want to give I just want to take rents/bank interests" has become our core our sole purpose of existing.

Originally I was talking to Kelly she doesn't have time and she said I could talk to Joe. At first I wasn't very confident in whether Joe can deliver the job done because he doesn't have graphics design working experience and Valentine does own a studio have solid experience on designing. I am still waiting for Joe's draft to see how it would turn out. I asked Joe because I know he had financial problems that he was in debt and could use some help - of course they both promise me I can pay them after I got my first commission, my mom is totally pissed off frustrated nagging annoyance about me spending $200 just for designing a card. At this moment I am totally subject to her financial support - it's annoying that she even told me to use my dig-cam to take pictures and just put it on the card, she even said in the past photo like my relatives, who are agents also, she said looked at them they don't even put their photos on the card. I wanted to say: I don't even fuicking want to explain it to her. she's short sighted and only caring about every dollar that is not even spending no she's not spending - she is "investing" on me and hoping to "harvest" sometime in the future.

So the schedule would get everything prepared within two weeks(that would be optimistic) and get my licence within one to two weeks and start knocking on people's door and see whether they would ask me to sell their houses for them. I mean this is already taking every bit of my strength to arrange everything to get start - can I handle SRA when I got some money to rejoin the Desteni courses? I would be breathless.

Just talked to Snow and Phoan yesterday. I enjoy talking to Destonian very much. I mean I am totally isolated here in Vancouver and no Destonians here no support only me and my mom. I mean I just like chatting - chatting is exciting and it's nice to exchange what I realized from Desteni for all these two and a half year and they to some extent can get something out from my words - in understanding Desteni and how I walked my path. At this moment still not many Chinese are participating. I just enjoy talking with especially Destonian I mean these are the only people on earth that understand me we all have common goal as pushing for Oneness Equality - some understand for bringing Equal Money and have Heaven on Earth.

I mean I found no other (expect the split second of masturbation ecstasy) more enjoyable thing than chatting than sharing happiness sharing assisting each other through chatting - I mean I am so excited so happy in chatting that it's like I am saying to another me: saying how are you doing? how have you been living/experiencing yourself. I mean isn't that what we are here for? except for we are living in a deceiving nobody but ourselves, that typically in Capitalism, only a handful few controlling dominating and enslaving all the 95% of majority public enslaving everyone below your Rank/position in the enslavement pyramid.

Isn't it Common Sense that you should Vote for a Party Vote for someone that Totally Devoting themselves(like us Destonians) in World/Oneness Equality for years have been following Desteni materials contributing and supporting and most importantly! Vowed to Not just Take Care of You! Voters! Shouldn't you vote for someone that Vowed to Take Care of Each and Everyone on Earth Equally?! Shouldn't you Vote for: We Share Responsibilities Happiness and Pain globally! evenly! Not just day dreaming everyday desperately struggling under the name of greediness and survival and just Hoping! one day - I can become Kings! Should we realize - as long as your willing to use your Common Sense that We don't have to Live like this! We don't have to suffer we are Accepting and Allowing ourselves we Deliberately Making ourselves Suffer! We are Deliberately Accepting Allowing and Permitting 95% of general public suffer living in Pain in every second?

I mean let's use common sense and look at every Political Party every Politicians All of them! what they promise you to make you vote for them? more money, better living(where does better comes from? who's providing this "better" to you? who would be compromised? - nowadays most people are as long as I don't see it as long as it's in Africa a small village do the factory works or somewhere in South America a little poor village then I don't care!), more Jobs(actually it's got nothing doing with Jobs! I mean fuick most people don't look at the word more Jobs! they only look at it means I can get more Money into my bank accounts), more holidays(again it is better living but who takes care of the garbages on holidays?), better medical treatments(actually I don't even need to explain it - better medical is just a fairy tale), more benefit for union/workers(what is the difference between Unions and Capitalist Owners? I don't see much difference - both act and foundation on Greediness) that's pretty much and they never claim they would support the lowest layer at the bottom of the pyramid! because they know better than anyone that you can't! you got to have Slaves(class) in the pyramid else who is going to do the hard laboring work for those dressing business attires!? All those above Bullshits can summarized into One Sentence - I as the Candidate promise to fulfill your Greediness! Let's put aside the serious consequence of you accepting and allowing Greediness into you and after you die. Ask yourself: Did these Politicians Ever Ever kept their Promise? not for long - that is lasting only from 6 months to 1 year and that's it! Ask yourself, discuss it with your parents and you will know I am telling the truth.

Why Vote for a party that keeps take turns to lie(no matter which party they are no matter what they profess) and Never keep they promise(because for their own Greediness)? Why Vote for a party that Confess and Legally Accept and Allow the majority of public as Slaves within Capitalism? Why Vote for a party that Legalize "Wheel of Fortune" life-style(we are not even talking about the Elite at the back controlling/printing all the money)? These are and look at the power of seeing things in simple Common Sense.

On Y/N is my liveliness referring to I need to be more participate in Equality? N

On Y/N is my liveliness referring to I was selfish and only live in living of energy? Y

I mean what I have been living in the past is just masturbating - I though I was not hurting anyone I was just closing my door and doing my own "business" and I live that energy as Life. Even today I am still learning/working my way not to be controlled by sex system - when you find Life cannot live without masturbation then you are subjected/controlled by sex system. To my understanding it's not Not to masturbate but don't to be controlled by masturbation/sex system. I was living excitement, I was living positive high energy that I dreamed of going to wonderlands you know those tons of how do you call those? playground machines that can shake me up you know roller coasters and all those high energy and then I am living then I am happy.

I didn't know that when I was experiencing high/happy energy that someone need to experience the suffering/unhappy energy and I was totally obsessed with energy/masturbation. That without energy/masturbation then I am not living then there was no purpose of for my enjoyment - that I totally just defined myself as masturbation and energy that I have ignored that I enjoy other things too like chatting with others that I find I am alive in chatting with others. I mean it is either masturbation of chatting is my Most Most enjoying activity in existence(if I may allow to say so). I mean there is still the "desire" wanted to experience energy I mean I am ok, if I don't look at caucasians naked body(I am kind of like testing myself do I still see them as a picture just and having reactions or am I seeing them as bunch of cells) I mean it's definitely that the world is a whole lot more than just energy and masturbation. I limited myself only in experiencing energy in the past and it wasn't even me experiencing it was me through the system experiencing the energy. Energy is just a form of experiencing myself and maybe just maybe when I explore keep chatting with Destonians, I would love chatting more than masturbation or energy.

MC - On Y/N Do I need to be more specific on liveliness? N

Ok, 5:11 pm, talk later.

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