Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to package my Slogans?

I went to sleep for a few hours, it was raining and I got nothing to do. The slogans that I wanted to put at the back of my business card gives me headaches. At first I thought it was easy - no it wasn't. I have to consider/calculate every details carefully while not jeapordize my realty business.

I have talked to Andrea, Cam and Bathon. Andrea said it would be very cool, Cam warned me of should strictly stick with the system - earning money, Bathon sort of like he said in his working place - it's like peaching/telling thief not to be thief.

I totally had not considered that people might be offended just by mentioning Desteni messages at least I wasn't offended at all. However, in summarizing all of their advices - I need to be clear on myself that I am dealing with the group of people that are lost and mostly Greedy, there is no question about this. Now, how do I "beautifully/technically" avoid they misunderstand/prejudge that I am associated with this Desteni - they misjudged as a crazy losing self-control(implying I am crazy and losing control, jeapordaizing my credibility, it's how much they can profit and would I be trustable in handling their money is all they concern that's all) religious cult - this is the main point that I need to look at.

We only interest/care about those that would listen to Desteni's messages - totally clear about that. Now the question is how do I step by step guide these (only a few at this stage) people that are willing to investigate/listen to Desteni's messages. How do I package my slogans is the first step. This troubles me the whole day and I was busy preparing my realtor business setup - a bit tired so I went to sleep for a few hours.

I come down to a run down: I am promoting Equal Money system's website, sloganing on how they can benefit from a car, Laptop, a house, a TV that won't break and can last for their Life time - that everyone can benefit everyone can have one of these, that 95% of our factories can be closed, they can do things that they like to do. For those that are willing to investigate/listen, awaken/remind them - you don't have to be greedy to "obtain" a better living, you can do it through Equal Money. Now of course, first, how do I package these marvelously into one slogan.

Of course there will be(and they will be the majority at this moment - as Bernard said: he tried on the class that have most money - the over 45 to 50 class - they are lost in greediness and won't give a damn). At the current stage, my cards will be concentrated on this class - those that are greedy wants more money. My target group are those that are 40s that might still listen because look, it has nothing to do whether there are exceptions that in Desteni there are old people that understand and willing to participate but the point is - most of them are youngsters, most youngsters are willing to use common sense and listen to the Desteni message.

There are several strategies that I considered:

1. Make the words smaller - less eye catching, it is also a sign of how curious you are, the more curious your the more you are likely in investigate.

2. Avoid any implication of using words associate/imply religious cult.

3. Use "Through Equal Money - You can have unbreakable cars, laptops" you can directly benefit from a higher/better living standard through Equal Money. I know this is not totally true but it is something to lure them and give a curious person to start investigate with.

Here is what I have at this moment(it would be more concise in Chinese):


Interesting, Full of wonders Web Magazine:


Only Need to Work 4 years then you are Retired! Gives you House, Cars, Laptops, TVs that last for your Lifetime - Never Breaks!

Please vote for Equal Money System!

Phew! Those above lines already took me two hrs - lol to you it's just a few seconds. If that really works I would "first" need to remove my vlogs in DesteniChineseTD - sort of sever my connection to these web links - prevent the implications that I am too deeply involve into them. For people or youngsters that would Listen that's cool if they know I am involve, for those that are do not willing to listen or use common sense or only care about how much money they can profit they can use their money to enslave the public - it's better to draw my line clear.

They would know I am involve "when" they dig in more into Desteni and when they are serious about the Desteni message. Who knows? maybe when tons of disasters finally actually manifest in their Life - if Bernard and existence everything still gives them "time" to study the oneness equality message then some of them might still be able to stay of earth - not like those birds and fishes that "mysteriously died".

Ok, I have written this for a few hours, time to do some youtube subscribe back(youtube sucks it spam me whenever I continuously post messages to 20+ youtube users) then some rest.

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