Thursday, January 27, 2011

Very tired haven't relaxed for weeks - kept busy preparing for being a realtor

So 11:36 using this bit of moment to write a little bit. Basically I still need to go through the flyer but I don't really have much idea on how to handle it and I am tired - so writing a few paragraphs instead.

Have finished recoding a vlog about chinese New Year - the wishing you successful while all 95% of majority fail in their attempt for greediness and you can become a greedy master why? see my vlog on - Common sense in Chinese New Year.

I was practicing my smiling all this week and it was horrible - Joe Ku and Kelly has assisted me quite a lot - Joe's on technical skills and Kelly on practical skills and feedbacks. When I was practicing trying very hard to smile Kelly was laughing all along, makes me wonder if my facial expression was really that hilarious. I totally agree with Joe that I don't need to tell him as he said: there is nothing that worth smiling in this world - used to be but now there is real "hope" - Equal Money system but yes currently there is nothing that you can smile on. He also said you need a big fake smile to get a sales as a head start. Really had share some technical skills with me that assist me in determining myself - I need to make my business card photo look nice else I wouldn't be able to do this realtor thing really.

They approve my license and have charged me today, I am paying close to $200 per month, time and money is ticking and I really got pressure from it. I still haven't prepared everything yet - like the business cards and flyers many things need to be handled and arranged, quite a few accidents happened.

When I came back two days ago I found out I can't sell smiles because I was having difficulties in smiling as Joe said it's from my mouth's muscles structures so I can't give a big bright smile. So I was pondering practicing - no matter how hard I try it's still extremely far from what a bright realtor smile should be so what should I do? I was using Commonsense Sense to look at myself my body how to cope with a solution. Then, a sudden idea why I say sudden because I have considered using my eyes to smile but that didn't work neither. This sudden or Common Sense idea is how about I express or sell my Eyes? How? of course I don't have big eyes not like my mom but how about a mischievous look? you know smart but not cunning look more on a smart but mischievous look? I practice that a couple of times look at the mirror - it works! so that's how I switched my approach and have it done within 40mins. Of course I keep on practicing it testing myself whether I can recreate it because - the problem is sometimes I can generate ok looking smiles but! I can't recreate them again because I don't know how I did that! So it is pointless if I cannot recreate at the studio - of course, lots of practice in the studio's toilet while I was waiting for the photographer.

So that's pretty much what I have experienced so far. It's pretty good that I haven't masturbated since last time should be a couple of days ago and I am ok with the physical body and using Breath Orgasm to distribute any unbalanced energy inside me - actually there are much to experience besides of energy feelings from masturbation. Like I am more into the physical body like I can feel the Hereness in my physical body.

Also, it seems I have finally got a few pounds released from me! it's a great relief, for one year I kept increase in weight and right now there are signs that it's finally going down! I remember resonance said I can only wait for it to dissipate, if I have a chance to ask Sunette or Resonance I very very very much like to know what is the cause of me continuously gaining weight for two times! in two separate periods, so I can avoid and won't did what I had done before and I was not aware what it was! I think it might be yarning for relationship because that's what I don't have totally had no experience on.

ok, 12:08 talk later.

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