Friday, January 14, 2011

Not enough time many works - Preparing myself as a Realtor

Ok, so it's 1:30pm I am pushing myself to write something whenever I am free. Really not enough time to do all the works - including all sort of misc. stuffs that need to contact prepare arrange for being a realtor, and lots of readings, some worries that once I am registered in two weeks I would be paying licensing fee no matter whether I can acquire deals or not.

Like last night, I was pushing myself to at least do a vlog on the difference between Capitalism and Equal Money. I found myself overrun the topic that whenever a point/a difference is explained that examples and some related aspects are mentioned/involved and it prolongs the vlog - I have to make it into a two-parts videos. Currently not much are watching except on some crucial topics that Destonians would share it on FB then that video would get 50+ views, else it's horrible but I would continue.

This morning is like every morning that I walk a bit inside the house - you know I just like walking a lot I found it relaxing and I just love walking. Breakfast then, come back at 10am and check emails, inquire about 2nd hand rams, business cards, realtor's house signs, contacts, do some reading searching on ebay then I am now 1:42pm, still haven't had lunch yet. Everyday is like this that there are lots of things that need to taken care of/arrange I mean it really cost me time to write blogs - and not much people are reading it I presume. DOG! I was in SRA before and it took me a lot of effort just to understand the materials from SRA not to mention to "remember" them which I am extremely bad at memorizing things - at least I still haven't got my early 7yrs old childhood quantum reading ability back but I am forcing myself to listen learn through the physical instead of through the mind - mind really sucks, it's extremely slow - it's in opposite: parents send children to school to be dumped downed, using competition to train children use more "mind" to learn and memorized - a totally controlled by elite fuicked up world that nobody including myself want to come back and re-experience all sort of atrocities again again and again. I mean that's enough - for everyone on earth, till here no further.

Still need to make the English version vlogs for difference between Capitalism and Equal money - it would be an challenge because my vocabulary is quite limited that I can only use simple terms words to explain. Maybe a bit later after lunch.

Ok, will talk later.

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