Sunday, March 13, 2011

Almost need to reinstall my OS

11:55 the F2 for rename was not working on my PC for a week now and I really need it to when I translate the videos. I tried two hours to reinstall the old one but the CD is not working -- some files failed to copy. So I did some research and re-download an xp and it takes a lot of time and effort -- my Sunday is gone. There are so many things that I need to do, I saw Bearnard said the girls at the farm do full time studying psychology and still do mind construct -- I mean oh my god, how can they do it? Like me even right now at this moment I am writing my blog and listening to some sales training audio program to train myself -- Trying to absorb as much as possible. I worry that I might lost my old OS and thank Life, my old OS stays and the F2 is fixed now.

Equal Money is not difficult to understand, it is people that do not want/care to see to read about what is Equal Money. I mean look when we say we can make products that last for a Life time people starts lighting up with projecting they can get more they can have boats cars, notebook PC all sort of things they can enjoy. Most of them at this moment don't fully understand the self-responsibility of being part of existence -- they want to have more through Equal Money system but at least it stimulates them and they go study because it promise them more! People are quite robots at this moment. Equal Money system is foundation of care -- you consider and care about everyone and everything on earth Equally and take turns for example swapping jobs. Everyone is equal -- Job is not solely for making money satisfy greediness anymore. Imagine within Equal Money system greediness just totally wiped out of this world, no more greediness anymore. Your Life is conscripted for 4 years labor and the rest of your Life's for Free! (lol to a certain extent it is free for say 60years), all your basics housing, food, clean water basic hygiene, bed (yes, I recently realize many people do not even have bed to sleep).

If you want more that is classified as non-necessities you find or the future government test you qualify your ability and assign a job for you to "earn" second type of money to buy non-necessities(you can say similar to luxuries).

Currently the only thing I can do is use Breath Orgasm and keep not masturbating "hopefully" can get better at memorizing and multi-tasking and see I can be more efficient in spending my days.

12:43 see you.

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