Saturday, March 12, 2011

Applying Breath Orgasm

10:41 I was watching a "Heavy" style of henti animation to test out how I am doing. Before I was just suppressing and try not to react, this time I am better I only have very minor reactions on the pelvic area and I can use Breath Orgasm to resolve the urge the energy reacted inside me. I am quite satisfied, after a couple of slow and deep breath I am back to normal again -- and watching the animation is like I am not particularly interested or reacted to the pictures just like after I just have an orgasm.

Now whenever I have reactions/urge I just use Breath Orgasm and I am back to normal and I carry on my daily Life. A bonus, as Bernard said the more horny you are the more your memory fries and clearly(it is amazing I didn't expect I can last this long) I haven't masturbate close to 8 days by now and I am very stable and calm and I have increased my memory I remember things more vivid -- having an imprint of what I listen or what I read. I am more here with and participate with the physical.

At first I thought it is no fun without the energy shoot through my body but actually it is convenient and the body doesn't compromised just for a split of second energy shoot out. I mean you really need to see that even when you see a girl or a boy that you have "feelings" that feel comfortable it is all energy going through your mind interfering you. Including people that gives you negative feelings which are emotions that you don't like their facial expressions.

Breath Orgasm is great when you know how to do it. It assist you in multiple ways -- body doesn't need being sucked for energy(if you masturbate look at the mirror and you will notice, your like a dried grape), you are more one and equal to the physical, there is no afterwards guilt, no beings is energetically raped through you using pictures, STD virus won't manifest because the body is not compromised through you masturbating -- etc. I mean before I didn't know what to do about urge/desire to masturbate once the urge started I was just postponing and irritated and the only way to fulfill to fully satisfied is through masturbating it out. Now I can just breath it slowly and deeply out fast and convenient and after a couple of rounds -- I can see the irritation/urge actually is irritating disturbing my daily Life that I mostly compromising my body instead of really breath the with physical and resolve the urge to masturbate.

Breath Orgasm teaches me energetic masturbation is not something that I actually enjoy -- It won't last it has a price the physical pay for me, generate the energy and I undertake it later in my Life. Bernard said energy's true nature is destruction, well whenever I involve with lots of energy surging inside me I lose control go mad. Totally not like what I am now.

Breath Orgasm teaches me there is a way that you can remain clear stable and calm without jeopardising recharging and proliferating my mind, re-do my process for nothing. Not harming my body unnecessary. I am here I am stable and calm all the time. I lol don't have to wash myself afterwards. I got a better memory.

It is like instant noodle, I used to only know make and cook my meals traditionally and not know the serious consequences of masturbation, you know just like what the general public knows it is just a feeling. No it's not just that simple -- there are serious consequences. Breath Orgasm is like instant noodle, do I really miss something? Well, not exactly. I resolve my urge/desire to masturbate just like I resolve my hunger. Then I move on. The best thing about Breath Orgasm is the urge/desire don't comes back in a few hours. What I encounter in masturbation most most of the time is it didn't resolve my problem actually -- I was like drinking sea water, the more I drink the more I want keep drinking. Breath Orgasm is total calm stable and solve the urge and desire. Then I move on and continue what I want/need to do.

One thing to note is it is nothing like those energetic orgasmic experience at all -- Don't look for that or you would be just like me trapped in the mind and having no progress. It is a clear calm stable discharge not even discharge it feels like "resolve" and the urge is not there interfering your daily Life anymore.

Ok, 11:37 talk later.

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