Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Writing myself to something that fit within Oneness and Equality

One thing that very obvious is I consider myself first before consider others first. It is not I don't care about them or what but the point of living in the matrix is you need to make a stand before you can even consider/offer any support to people around you.

I mean like all the people, realestate agents, my mom they do not give me room to treat them exactly how I want to be treated -- It is all about how can I get more money? All types of trading/exchanging especially as the agent I met toady said: Nobody cares whether you make it or not, you are on your own nobody cares. Why should I/they? Bernard said I have to make my own standard but at this moment I am not even standing up. I have no sphere of influence. I keep on revising my approach whenever I heard what they say, well everyone's approach is slightly different, I change from high to low and change my approach accordingly.

Living in equality with treating everything the same as me and I am working my way. I keep on reminding myself like although I am driving in my car it is not I am enjoying but through earn money making the world/earth ready for the children to come -- as an Equal Money world. I am one and equal to those two people sweeping in front of mcdonald it is just I worked in the enslavement bottom layer before and it is not working. It didn't assist me at all and I hurt my right knee and not even my mom care about it -- she is just another robot. To help Desteni I need to find ways to make money efficiently that's how I see it. Right now I need guidance on how to do things because in this REALTOR® business you really can spend tons of money and like me right now everything needs money but I don't have hints on how to acquire clients. How to co-operate. It is also obvious that people are so pre-programmed that the only way they see is greediness and competition -- there are ways to work in co-operation in treating others as you yet, most people just want to dominate everything -- Through dominating to climb the enslaving pyramid.

Equal Money is not about domination, Equal Money is about how everyone benefit from a system that consider everyone equally.

Ok, talk tomorrow

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