Saturday, March 19, 2011

Called a Prospector and I am embarrassed

1:27 am, As multi-tasking as usual busy busy busy and busy. Wanted to go to sleep but forcing myself to write -- trying to keep writing everyday. Folks I am listening an audio book while I am writing, you can imagine how many things I need to do. We Destonians all are.

I pushed myself to call a prospector again. I tried to talk to the wife but the husband pick up the phone so I have to asked: Are you Mr. buyer? I am Fred. Of course his attitude is defensive and a bit irritated just wanting to get rid of me. I got rash up to my head after I said thank you. I was all crumbled at the end -- I know the principles but knowing it and applying it are totally two different things. When you act when you participating, you don't have time to think. How can you think within tenth of one second!? Believe me the most enjoyable time is when I can lie on my bed, sometimes I just sleep a few hours early.

Fukushima Dai-ichi it's such a big event that all the matrix people are just watching it as an action movie -- only an extremely small amount of Destonians really cares how the nature is striking back at humanity. I mean really, please use common sense. If it has never happened before and all of a sudden it happens now, something has changed something is not right. If it happens now, then it can/will happen again. We are just giving you the answer: It will happen in the very near future, very soon. Use common sense, look how human shocked, excited(watching movie style) then forget the Australia flooding, European mega storm, Katrina, New Zealand earth quake, Indonesia earth quake, and Tokyo Mega Earthquake -- human are robots that don't learn and remember but lost in sex/masturbation energies and greediness referred as money. Money is not the source of Evil, Equal Money system can utilize money and give everyone every children animals millionaire style living and only need to work for 4 years -- then you can retired and for the rest of your Life all your basic necessities like housing, clean water, basic hygiene for each everyone! Anyone wants to stop the nuclear meltdown? Stop the disasters, stop the death, stop the sorrow and pain? If you really want to do it, you would participate and bring forth Equal Money system for the best gift for you your children and their children.

Google: Equal Money system. Desteni, and Participate.

2:01 pm. Talk later.

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