Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Have lunch with a director

11:52 pm, So writing again. I just have lunch with a director from Coquitlam. He is a interesting person, first of all he's like me that like to talk. We do agree that at this moment people are not co-operating very well. I explained it to him -- everyone's starting is just Greediness and they are just creating their own enemy/own nightmare. Those that do not consider the rest and striving to dominate the market. Those that at the bottom of the enslavement layer, agents are forced to give More referrals to make a living or try to steal clients from each other or please the clients and draw them to you. As I said, ever since then, everyone is keep plotting, attacking, defending all night long and nobody ever sleeps peacefully. Your either worried when someone is going to plot and successfully take your place or busy plotting how to get clients from others every night.

I confess that I was a bit excited when I ask what do you get if you successful become the president of the organization(of course we don't call it an organization), he said it is the right thing that he wants to do that he comes from a single/burdened family that he has four brothers and sisters and he said the only things that he can get gain is respect from others that when people will respect what you say. However, when I come home on a second thought, of course he did give me very useful suggestions(his approach is totally different, he doesn't do open houses, door-knockings, he doesn't give referrals) I don't know if it's the accent of my English is really limited that I only got like 60-70% of what he is speaking. On a second thought, is his motivation really about that? I mean I don't know at this moment I honesty don't know -- I can't tell. In the current capitalism enslavement system. Someone must be looking for money -- through some ways to obtain money.

So that's my little share of my experience. Still don't have a clear clue of how to generate leads but I am going as being as self-honest as possible and treating everyone as honest as possible. It is interesting that I can play the strategy online game with Oneness and Equality but I am worried in playing this real estate business by living Oneness and Equality. It would be really interesting if I successfully apply Oneness Equality into Real Estate business.

Ok, 12:50, talk later.

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