Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Went to Vancouver business network group

12:31 I wanted to give up but I haven't written for two days. I am pushing myself to re-create myself. Very tired not sure if it because I drove 2 hours back and froth to Aldergrove. Then went to the VBN meetup tonight. I felt pretty tired but I tell myself I can't use excuses like these I have to write something I have to recreate myself.

I have explained to two people about the general concept of equal money -- using simple examples that the backpack, cloths, cars these we can make them last for a hundred years we already have the technology. It is not here only because of greediness because I want to make a profit, the company wants to make a profit. So far it's ok, they seem to understand what I am talking about. I am sure when they hear it again, they could be interested in it.

I am very tried, I need to lie down and sleep/rest try to be with my physical. There are tons of pages for me to read. Funny some say my picture looks good my mom said I looks like mad/angry. I am not reading and absorbing fast, I need assistance and build faster reading skills.

Ok, need to rest. 12:43

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