Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am exhausted from injecting ink into cartridges

12:37pm, still haven't replied an email yet. I think I will reply him in the morning. I am very tired today -- Went to two gatherings, 1 hr and 2 hours come back injecting ink into my cartridges, too 2 hours encountered number of problems, dripped a few drops of blue ink on the carpet -- ink is too good that they immersed into the carpet too well it took me about three hours to clean it with water and I still got some light light blue spots in the carpet. It was a nightmare. There are tons of things that I need to do. Still have a toast-master gathering that I will go tomorrow. I just overwhelmed by everything every problems that I need to face, writing blogs, vlogs, I need spend time on snooping around in the toast masters groups, the blue tooth needs time, ink jet needs time, I am not even cooking at this moment. finding out who's willing to share and can be helpful to me, writing advertisements takes time. I am lacking directions and everything just rush at my face and I am on my own nobody in the matrix cares about me. Most people that I first met they are cautious and rejecting me it doesn't feel good when I keep doing working on things everyday but it's not paying off or showing progress.

Imagine I still haven't read all the chat logs in Bernard chatting with private forums. You can see how busy I am. Whenever and so far frequently there are many accidents then more hours need to taken out to handle that.

Am I in the wrong directions? Can I revise the direction better? Am I doing things that are not assisting me in generating leads? Even some destonians don't understand they keep saying doing photoshop by yourself is easy, internet is here google it, wordpress is easy do it yourself. It is not like that, my first priority is get familiar to the procedures, being skillful and generate leads -- go social they don't see it they can't understand. Everyone only has 10hrs each day to work things out.

I really felt the horrible exhausting survival in the system and capitalism don't care about you. I haven't even participate in the private forum I don't have nothing. How am I suppose to do it alone and make me successful in the matrix? It's a so big challenge for me. I am going to lie on my bed and rest -- the greatest moment that I enjoy each day.

Ok, 1:09, guys real estate agents are exhausting and demands a lot of trust -- at the beginning there is no certainty in everything, especially the leads.
Ok, till next moment.


  1. Fred, remember not to argue for your limitations, remain here in breath. Stop blaming the people you ask for support when they give you solutions you don't like, instead test them for yourself. We are all on our own here in process, but we have the tools to support ourselves, so let's use them fully.

  2. yes, KT that's another view point but the fact is I do want to do everything myself just like what they suggested but I can't. They said it would take a year to learn how to become an agent, I learned several hours each day and like how to evaluate a property's value -- nobody will teach you it took me like 4 weeks to get a rough idea, trial and error to figure out how to evaluate a house. It takes a lot of time and effort.