Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Humanity is going to Die like birds and fishes -- That's how I see it

I am as usual overwhelmed walking as a real estate agent. I am trying to write something at least each day -- sort of writing myself to freedom and giving whoever find interesting to see how I am doing.

I mean I can't really do much in one day, yes there are lots of uncertainty about how to generate leads and farm -- As Bernard said: Nobody is going to give you leads for free. At this moment my mentor has not replied on my proposal of half the burden of referrals with me. I really need to see everything fresh everyday, in how I look to become a successful agent -- If I can't acquire money I can't possibly support Desteni in a few years.

As Bernard said in his video now the nature disasters and all sort of shits are already at our door step -- it is not likely humanity is going to consider everything, everyone as one and equal as you as me without suffering. I mean I look at people agents they currently just don't see what they are harming -- The animals, nature, earth, enslaving others, children. It is common sense to ask: Who make your Ipods Iphones how did it come to your hand just like chicken food beef. People don't care or ask how are they suffered in traumas in extreme suffering and then being killed -- All All All these they have to gone through only because of one thing -- Greediness. You don't need to be greedy there are more than enough on this earth to support each and everyone.

Another thing is competition waste energy and out system is totally not constructed based on best for all -- best for each and everyone. Like for example, I need to buy a bluetooth earphones for my phone so I can write notes while I talk to my mentor and while driving. I did research on the web for 5 hours looking for information educating myself. Whenever I need to buy something through web it is a nightmare that I need to education myself from sketch. It is totally nonsense, just because everyone wants to have as much money as possible -- making over 10 brands of earphones with similar functionalities but buyers like me need to do hours of research to maximized their benefits. You can make a durable swiss knife to solve all your problems in daily Life but it is not produced because your boss and your boss's owner wants to go to vacation every day but not wanting to do anything! Just because everyone is greedy!?

Why not live in a system(and you need to participate to bring in forth in earth -- If you don't participate nothing will happen) Equal Money that aim at building the strongest shoes for everyone, building the most durable notebooks -- Last for your Lifetime for everyone and everyone can Live in Millionaire style of Life.

It is possible. Goggle: Desteni, Google: Equal Money and find out more before it is too late. We already have earthquakes and floods everywhere. I mean people, things are not going to stay the same even if your a robot -- use your common sense. The world was quite normal when I first joint Desteni about 2 - 3 years ago. Things change, you are dying just like the birds and fishes. It is very frustrating that how the world goes how you would become when you would die all depends on your participation -- You decided. That's how I see it.

Ok, about half hour not bad because I have lots of stuffs to write about toady -- Not to mention my prospective clients give me the cold shoulder two days and it doesn't feel good. I learned it today.

Ok, Talk to you later.

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