Sunday, May 17, 2009

One and Equal of Awareing of Self-Honesty Here and Living Word

So have been employing one and equal as Awareing of Self-Honesty Here all day. Pretty ok so far, at least i haven't realized i was thinking. i am staying in my breathe but sometimes, i wasn't concentrating on it but it still keeping the four count breathe sequence. whenever i don't know what to type or so called 'searching/waiting for Here' i just reinforce my Awareing of Self-Honesty Here and wait for the answers, no looping in thinking. sometimes it take sometimes thought. Self-Honesty was something that i have missed been self-dishonest about and i was using the System Demons' video as an excuse of not at least working on it no matter how complicated or abstract it may seen as i should work on it and without self-honesty in it, everything was difficult and not effective.

Mom got annoying at me again today when i was told to put the flower to the back of the yard and when she watch her christian signings. of course, i was dislike for what she is doing and react being impatience in assisting her to play her files of christian songs. i realize what she's doing is superstitious, worshiping an icon, stubborn and exercising her anger on people around her like me. i can keep my treating her as another me and not exerting my anger in fighting her back, i just say the words that i am unwilling to do so but i still need to do it. |o| you cannot blame anyone/anything else it would be you blaming yourself and it is/was you that cause these consequences so you are living this life to experience so to speak pay back the consequences of your past lifes. i don't have any proves on hand - yet, but things are getting clearer and my core essence are buying what they say /maybe i haven't realized the self-proves that has happened on me.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to blame anyone which is another me that whatever happened is due to my past/present accepted and allowed inside me that causes their reflection to me to show me what did/accepted inside.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to blame my mom for exerting my anger to anyone around me when i am not happy/not comfortable it is her showing me how annoying i was when treating people as a punching bag as i like and not treating them as another me.

i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be superstitious and worship something like god outside me and worshiping superstitious power to gain benefits/way to lead my life so that i don't need to direct myself.

i forgive myself that i haven't realized and allowed myself to be one and mutual equlify equally with the words, my words that i am the creator and created and creation all in one because everything is self and life but not oneness and equally - yet.

i forgive myself that i haven't allowed myself to realize that this outer world is me self, my inner core is me self the mind is me self everything is life as here completeness and oneness and i was fighting my outer word events as myself for myself as the accepted and allowed creator.

AMP give me a link to translate it is Self-Honest Self Expression as Living Word, i didn't realize so much as now about what living word is, i read it before but just don't get what it means. it is words are us and we can mutual interfere ourselves through the words when we live inside the words that we speak/type of course as Bernard's mentioned in the articles not every words are acceptable as life as all as oneness equally. but hey, one can live inside the words they generate and maybe feel through it. cool and nice. need to be self-honest in the process though. so there is a new way of interpreting the Self-Forgiveness as Bruce L. said in his God of Man Self -Forgiveness Explained articles Self-Forgiveness is not just a form of communication, it is you. same as Self-Honesty is not a descriptive definition, it is how you are treating self as life as oneness and equally. lots of insights through translating articles, i wonder how is that possible.

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