Saturday, May 2, 2009

Standing up as Common Sense in the Holding Moments of Breathe

I have been practicing the 4 count breathe for over 6 months now. currently, when i am typing, reading / even bathing i am able to sustain it. what i cannot continue are when i speak. also, when your are Processing or Solving things out, the performance of my whole body turned down which i am not performing at peak. when exercising/ for instance, climbing a mountain i got short of breathe and not able to keep the holding close to 4 second. i was wondering, was it because i am relying on 'thinking' which is a polarized looping inside my mind to solve things, instead of using Common Sense to solve things out. what i feel like is, i can't use the old me to achieve the same thing right? i am breathing differently which the holding moments now, 'thinking' become difficult yet, it feels like my Common Sense doesn't quite affected by the Holding Moments/When not Breathing. for example, to 'think' and write while keeping the rhythm of 4 count breathe is difficult and my whole body will be like stiffed/stuck and i don't know what to write. however, if i rely on my Common Sense to write, it seems Common Sense is not affected when i hold my breathe. interesting indeed and i am currently Applying this in this writing.

In simple terms, Common Sense is Direct/sort of Instant and no Looping for answers/contents. that's how i have experienced so far. i mean, read the posts from Bernard. you can 'feel' that in his words he is Employing Common Sense instead of 'thinking' to write his words out. you can actually 'feel' it among the words, but i haven't noticed it until lately. i mean it kind of make sense, because when you cut the total amounts of air exchanged between nature and your body to half, your whole functions' performance dropped and if the holding moments can stop the mind. then it would be contradict to try to sustain performance through the mind through thinking but at the same time practicing holding moments in breathe which would results in being Here and prohibiting the mind. to me Applying Common Sense would be an Alternative.

it would be difficult for me to find things to write in the past, maybe i was in Mind Mode, will write more and see how the Apply of Common Sense works with 4 count breathe.

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