Friday, May 15, 2009

the Power of Give up and Transcend Suicide

Has been pretty tired today, although it exist in my mind and i am able to be one and equal with tiredness, the joints over my body do feel aching around. have been doing the translating thing, today was a hard day, i have underestimated my understanding/realization of how i view Bernard's articles. they are very precise and scholartic articles which every words are so specific that every one of them play an important role in constructing the whole sentence or paragraph. toady i was doing the Equality as Self-Expression document, it was tough many times i stared at the monitor for 10s of minutes with nothing in me 'cause i don't think anymore i just keep Give myself Up to Here and wait for the answer. however, through this process of translating i do have cleared points that i presume i was cleared which turns out i was not totally. it helps me too.

I wanted to write something about explaining to people about what Give up really means and the alternative of Transcending Give up as a Powerful tools to assist in their process when their world[|o| including mine too] falls and not take that path and prolong their and all other's process. it is a "pretended choice" of pretending suffering will end in fact the suffering will repeat. in my current view is Give up has to have a target hence what your giving up. u don't give up for nothing [/suffering] never make the give up meaningful to something. in that, you transcend/send you to become something else, that's the power of give me. like currently i am constantly working on give myself up whenever i can, when i am now typing, i Give myself Up to the words - working absolutely, totally and my words will become living words. Bernard's reply my questions of how to breathe while talking as incorporate the practices stated, practice being one and equal as darkness, give up and flow. when i first saw give up i was scared and reluctant to do so. why? 'cause like most people do have in mind, give up means giving yourself - everything you Cherish which is your core essence and lose yourself and nothing no more. until now that i realize that give up is a power tool. if you don't give up you can't transcend/send yourself to become something else[except of what you accepeted and you ultimately become of]. that's what i presume most people misunderstood/mis-realize the [true]power of Give up - to. like be one and equal to the breathe, if one doesn't give themselves up to the breathe it might be more difficult even if achievable, and when you give up you do/don't experience it through the mind while you sit inside the temple anymore. say, without give up you will always remain the same how can you change you then? like when i read now, i give myself up as much as i can if not totally into the articles as the words, maybe through my eyes. it's much faster in absorbing the materials in contrast to what i did before through the mind, at least two times faster. i feel like i am young again, i feel like when i was learning like a child. this long lost feeling was when i was so little that i presume like most children did which totally give themselves up to the things that they learn/play and become that one and equal not in contract of what we adults have become everything through thoughts and the mind which is extremely slow and uncomfortable feelings, feel like being caged down inside.

Like i have changed to consider everything as me, which to myself is a difficult and sometimes frustrating process, 'cause everything need to be treated equally as me and every act/even thoughts of me have consequence directly on me which i find so many contradictions inside that it is very difficult for me to find a equilibrium point for everything - every me to have the least suffering not to mention achieving the best outcomes. i find that the best will be to give myself - interest up and scatter me all around into Here and let life guide me 'cause i just totally currently can't handle such task. i become willing to take the consequences of the results this i can't be totally sure is the best way of doing it but i am quite sure self-interested oriented will be much worse. so, it is the applying of Give up to something in action. without give up [applying properly of course] from what i perceive now is close to no chance of float me outwards. without give up to the words, it would prolong the process of Living Words. see how powerful give up can be, i am just doing it for 1 day only haven't achieved much so far but most people did misunderstood/mis-realized[including me] the real meaning of give up and use it as an excuse. that's why i need to practice Give up - to Properly, apply it on me and so i can share/write my findings out in Desteni.

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